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How To Organize A Car Parade Graduation Celebration!

As of May 21, 2020, Car Parades are allowed in Los Angeles County for celebration of graduations, birthdays, and other special occasions. Since the class of 2020 didn't get a chance to celebrate their graduation this year like all other years, here is their chance to have an unforgettable graduation car parade.

School districts can put together car parade graduation ceremonies if they present a plan that allows for safety protocols, and physical distancing. The parade must take place in an outside location large enough to accommodate the social distancing requirements. Sales or exchanges of any items or food are not allowed.

Her are other rules that need to be followed for a car parade:

  • Arrange for and provide security sufficient to ensure compliance with the State’s Order and address any traffic and safety issues.

  • Develop a parade plan that deals with State’s Order, traffic and safety issues, parade participants, and social distancing requirements.

  • Ensure participants and personnel adhere to the face covering and physical distancing requirements.

  • Provide a significant document to one vehicle parade participant at a time, such as a diploma or other paper, while adhering to face covering and social distancing requirements.

For more information, please visit County of Los Angeles's website.



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