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How to Make the Most of Your Time With Your Kids During Quarantine

The quarantine mandate forced families around the world to stay at home and limit non-essential trips to public places. Everything quickly changed; shops closed, and businesses temporarily stopped operations. Schools abruptly ended classes. The new normal set in, and it took some time for everyone to adjust to it.

For parents, adjusting also means helping their children cope with these lifestyle changes. They need to find ways to keep the little ones active and entertained. Sure, the iPad, smartphone, and tablets can help, but too much exposure to these devices is not good. However, parents can do plenty of creative activities with their children throughout the quarantine period.

Teach them the value of giving

This quarantine period is the best time to teach children about the importance of giving and sharing. You can sign them up with a charitable organization and donate on their behalf. You can even open a kids debit card for them to donate to charities on their own.

This giving activity may not be as entertaining as the games your children are used to, but it will be an exciting and inspiring experience for them. This activity will not only make them feel good, but it will also teach them how to be responsible.

Schedule a regular movie and game night

Once a week, gather the children and the rest of the family for movie night. You can write movie titles on small strips of paper and place them inside a jar or any similar container. Family members can then take turns in picking the movie to watch.

If you want to be more creative, you can alternate movie nights with game nights. The children can choose the games to play each week. Don’t forget to prepare some snacks and beverages, and take a lot of fun photos.

Organize weekend backyard parties or campouts

If your backyard is spacious enough, you can organize a weekend party at least once a month. Just make sure to specify that the party is for the family only.

Alternate these backyard parties with fun and creative campouts with the children. Prepare some camping activities and a lot of marshmallows!

Schedule a cooking or baking session

Cooking and baking are fun and creative learning activities. You can start with simple recipes such as fried chicken and making pancakes or cupcakes. Allow your children to explore their creativity by giving them the freedom to decorate their baking creations.

Find time to color or journal with them

Coloring is a relaxing creative activity that any kid loves to do. Pick out one day a week to color with your children. You can print out images if you don’t have coloring books. Your children’s favorite fairy tale characters are good choices.

If your kids are a bit older, you can have regular journaling sessions with them. Use stickers, coloring and writing materials, and old notebooks or planners. If you don’t have stickers, use magazine cut-outs, or look for images online and print them.

Get into sports

Being in quarantine might just be the perfect time to introduce sports to your children. Choose simple ones that you can do as a family, such as a DIY obstacle course or kicking/throwing a ball.

The quarantine mandate may have changed the way we do things, but it has also allowed us to spend precious time with our family and loved ones. Use this time wisely.



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