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How to Make Your New Home Feel Good After Divorce!

Starting over isn’t exactly easy. While you can’t change the mental and emotional challenges of going through a divorce, you can create a home environment that soothes and feeds your soul. Your environment affects how you feel and think. The right colors, accessories, and layout can give you a lift on those days when everything else seems to pull you down.

Color for Calm and Happiness

Colors have a psychological impact on your well-being. When you’re going through a divorce, you need colors that calm, soothe, and relax your mind and body. Surrounding yourself with pastels and pale hues in cool tones is the best option. Blue, green, and purple fall on the cool side of the color wheel whereas red, yellow, and orange land on the warm side.

Whether it’s wall colors or your accessories, using a cool color palette can also cool frayed nerves. That doesn’t mean you can’t use warm colors, but use them carefully. Studies have shown that vivid, warm colors like red and yellow can elevate your heart rate. That’s not necessarily something you want in your bedroom, but red accents in the kitchen or living room can brighten your mood and boost your energy levels.

Decorate with Your Kids

You’re starting a new chapter in your life. Unfortunately, that chapter begins with a wide range of unknowns and a lot of stress. Making your home uniquely brings confidence and closure. However, just because it’s your space doesn’t mean you have to decorate solo. Grab a trusted friend to shop and plan with, and even better, get your kids involved. They can help pick the colors, furniture, and accessories for their bedroom.

If you’re not ready for them to weigh in on other areas of the home, involve them when you’re painting walls, hanging curtains, or shopping for accessories. They’ll feel more comfortable in your new home if they have a sense of ownership. 

Focus on Functionality

You may or may not have the budget to fully deck out your new home. If you don’t, focus on functionality. Think about where you’ll be spending the most time and make this area fully functional. Adequate, comfortable seating in shared spaces is key to enjoying your home as a newly structured family. If you’re tight on space or budget, floor pillows and bean bag chairs are easy solutions.

For some families, bedrooms, the most private of spaces, will take first priority. If your children need a quiet study space, a desk in the living room might not be as practical as one in their bedroom. You may want to put their desk in your bedroom if they’re sharing with a sibling. 

Plants add Life

Time spent in nature reduces depression and stress while helping to restore your brain’s ability to concentrate. You can’t always get outside, but you can bring the benefits of the outdoors inside. Houseplants both large and small have the shape, colors, and scents of Mother Nature. It can be tiny succulents that are easy to maintain or happy flowering plants. Look for species that thrive in your climate and be realistic about how much time you’re willing to commit to their maintenance. 

A new home that makes you feel good will do wonders for your mental health. You may not be able to escape the realities of a divorce, but you can focus on your well-being. By making your home functional and uniquely you, you can relax as soon as you step through the door.

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