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Fun Activities For Kids From Skirball Cultural Center!

Skirball Cultural Center wants to help you and your family explore, learn, and make memories together during social distancing, and each week they'll be sharing new content that focuses on resourcefulness, empathy, and community building.

Join Noah's Ark storyteller Nina Silver for a timeless and timely flood story. Based on the biblical story of Noah's Ark, this Midrash (Hebrew for "interpretation") is the introductory story that visitors of all ages take part in whenever they visit Noah's Ark at the Skirball™. The universal message of the story helps us make sense of the stormy chapters in our lives and reminds us to work together as we await the brighter days ahead. 

Join Noah’s Ark educators Julia Garcia Combs and Mario Ibarra Beutelspacher for a fun, bilingual sing-along! Singing and storytelling support language and socialization skills in children and help us all to make sense of the world. Although we may not be able to play with the animals in Noah’s Ark right now, we can still imagine what the itsy bitsy spider and her cousin la araña pequeñita are up to and how they may be weathering the ups and downs of life.

Like us, trees are members of a community that depend on each other to flourish. Celebrate those closest to you by creating a family tree that represents your roots and branches! As you cut, color, and assemble your piece, reflect on the special times you’ve shared with the people and animals in your life. 

Helping others connects us all. Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for “justice,” and at the Skirball, we work to create a more just society by taking care of one another. Try creating your own tzedakah box that you and your family can fill with coins to donate to a good cause and/or actions you can take to make a positive change. When we work together to make a difference, we not only improve how we feel about the world, but also how we feel about ourselves. 

Take a moment to listen to the birds outside your window. Imagine the nest they’ve created for their young and what materials it might be made of. You are invited to safely stroll through your neighborhood and collect flowers, leaves, and tall grasses to create your own nest-inspired nature weaving. As you wander, take time to smell, touch, and observe what you collect. This project combines elements of mindfulness with the ancient practice of weaving and is sure to add natural beauty to your home. 

Puppetry is a universal art form celebrated by cultures all over the world. At the Skirball, they often use puppets as analogs for human beings and their stories—enabling us to explore our shared humanity and gain perspective through the experiences of others. By creating shadow puppets, your family can work together, practice fine motor skills, explore the use of light and shadow, and share stories with one another. 

Check here as well as on Skrillball's Instagram and Facebook for new activities every week.



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