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Floating Cinema Boats Are Coming to Los Angeles!

Great news for movie lovers! A Floating Cinema is coming to Los Angeles on September 2, 2020.

This floating cinema will be only for one week and equipped with 12 to 24 social distancing boats that hold up to 8 people each. You need to purchase a ticket for a boat and you can only share the boat with your own group. The boats will be more than 6 feet apart, and you will have no contact with other movie goers.

The list of the movies have not yet been announced but the movies will be a mix of golden oldies and new releases. Your ticket for the boat will include free popcorn for everyone in your party. You can also purchase snacks and drinks before you set sail.

The tickets are not on sale yet but you can pre-register to find out when tickets go on sale. The exact location has not yet been announced.



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