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Experience Larger-Than-Life Trolls at South Coast Botanic Garden!

Get ready to dive headfirst into a whimsical world where art and nature collide in the most enchanting way! Take a trip to the South Coast Botanic Garden and brace yourself for an awe-inspiring rendezvous with the larger-than-life troll sculptures brought to life by the talented Danish environmental artist, Thomas Dambo. Crafted with care from recycled materials, these extraordinary creations are gearing up for their star-studded debut on the West Coast, and they're here to whisk you away into a realm of pure wonder and delight!

A Troll Tale for the Ages

Thomas Dambo's giant troll sculptures have garnered international acclaim for their breathtaking size and eco-friendly construction. These enchanting trolls have roamed the world, captivating audiences far and wide with their sheer grandeur and sustainable message. Now, they have taken root in the South Coast Botanic Garden, creating a captivating fusion of art and nature.


Trolls with a Purpose

These six colossal trolls are not mere spectacles; they are messengers with a vital mission – to educate and inspire. Each of these troll sculptures has its own unique character and a dedicated class that will help you connect with the Earth in a more profound way. It's a rare opportunity to learn from these guardians of the garden.

The Troll-Inspired Classes

Prepare to be enlightened by the special classes offered as part of Thomas Dambo's "TROLLS: Save the Humans" exhibit. Here's a glimpse of what you can experience:

1. From Trash to Treasure: Sustainable Jewelry Making (Inspired by Kamma Can, the Trash Troll)

  • Dates: October 14 and November 18

2. Mega Meditation Class, Whispers of Nature (Inspired by Sofus Lotus, the Listening Troll)

  • Date: October 22

3. Crafting Connections: Creating Bird Feeders Workshop (Inspired by Ibbi Pip, the Birdhouse Troll)

  • Date: October 28

4. Blooms & Beauty: Crafting Fresh Flower Crowns (Inspired by Rosa Sunfinger, the Botanical Troll)

  • Date: November 10

5. Introduction to Nature Journaling (Inspired by Ronja Redeye, the Speaker Troll)

  • Date: November 11


Plan Your Visit

For more details on these fascinating classes, be sure to visit the South Coast Botanic Garden's website. Keep in mind that these beloved trolls will only grace the garden for a limited time, so seize this unique opportunity to witness this monumental showcase.

Event Details

Tickets: Admission to the troll exhibit is FREE with Garden General Admission Tickets.

When: The exhibit runs from now through January 14, 2024.

Location: South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274.

Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the magical world of Thomas Dambo's trolls and learn how to connect with the environment in a meaningful way. This captivating exhibition is sure to leave you inspired and in awe of the power of sustainable art. Visit South Coast Botanic Garden today and let the trolls guide you on a transformative journey through nature and creativity.


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