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Dino Valley: A Roaring Addition to LEGOLAND California!

Legoland California is about to embark on an epic journey to celebrate its 25th anniversary in grand style. In 2024, the park will unveil Dino Valley, a dinosaur-themed wonderland that promises to be a roaring success. This exciting addition will feature two thrilling rides, a hide-and-seek safari with talking dinosaurs, and even North America's first Lego-themed world parade. Get ready to step back in time and join the adventure of a lifetime!

Dino Valley: A Roaring Addition to LEGOLAND California!

Dino Valley: A Journey to the Past

Dino Valley will take shape near the park's entrance, occupying the current Explorer Island, a 1.3-acre area that will be transformed into a prehistoric wonderland. The iconic Coastersaurus ride, a staple since 2004, will remain, but the rest of the area will receive a complete makeover, providing visitors with a fully immersive experience. Dino Valley will be a dream come true for kids and families, offering a chance to explore the mysteries of the past and come face to face with life-sized dinosaurs.

Rides that Transport You Back in Time

Dino Valley will introduce two new rides that will captivate visitors of all ages. These rides will be reimagined from the existing Fairy Tale Brook and Safari Trek attractions:

Duplo Little Dino Trail: This ride will replace the two-seaters in Safari Trek with four-passenger vehicles. Guests will embark on a hide-and-seek journey on a new track, interacting with seven-foot-tall dinosaur models made of fiberglass. Cameras in each car will allow kids and their parents to trigger movements, voices, and sound effects in these lifelike models, adding a whole new level of excitement.

Explorer River Quest: Prepare for a river expedition like no other, where the star attraction will be a colossal T-Rex. The former Fairy Tale Brook will be transformed into a jungle adventure filled with dinosaurs and prehistoric elements. Visitors will feel as though they are venturing deep into the jungle, exploring the river while encountering scenes and lifelike dinosaurs coming to life.


Interactive Dino Area and More

Dino Valley offers even more exciting attractions for its young explorers:

Interactive Dino Area: Kids can roll up their sleeves and do some digging to uncover fossils, and they'll also have the opportunity to meet and greet new dinosaur characters. Additionally, there will be a build-and-play area for creative minds to let their imaginations run wild.

Coastersaurus: This iconic ride remains unchanged, featuring a 1,100-pound Brachiosaurus and a towering 10-foot Parasaurolophus scavenging for food. It's a thrilling experience the whole family can enjoy.

Lego World Parade: A Spectacle Like No Other

Adding to the excitement, Legoland California will introduce the first Lego-themed world parade in North America. This parade, reminiscent of the one that debuted in Legoland Deutschland Resort in Germany, will feature spectacular floats, including a Lego City fire truck, a pirate ship, and designs inspired by beloved Lego brands like Ninjago, Friends, and City Deep Sea Adventure. Costumed entertainers will dance and sing their way through the west side of the park, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.


As Legoland California gears up to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Dino Valley emerges as an exhilarating addition that promises to take visitors on a thrilling journey through time. With interactive rides, lifelike dinosaur encounters, and the debut of the Lego World Parade in North America, this new land is sure to capture the hearts of kids and families alike. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure in 2024, as Dino Valley brings the past to life in a way that only Legoland can!


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