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Combining Sports and Play with Swimming: Enjoying Pools Around LA!

Sports and play are vital in a child’s development. It helps with the social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth of the child, leading to a well-rounded adult. It also provides a chance for parents to bond with the child.

A commonly underestimated sport is swimming. When combined with other types of sports and play, it can have tremendous benefits. But most parents are unwilling to have their children attend swimming lessons at an early age.

Here are a few reasons why enrolling your child in a swimming class is one of the best gifts you could give them.

What Are the Health Benefits of Swimming For Children?

One significant benefit is that swimming is a life-saving skill. About ten people die daily from drowning, and in case your child fell accidentally in a body of water, swimming could save their life. There are numerous other health benefits that swimming can bring to a child.

1. It Stimulates Brain Development

Exercise stimulates the development of the brain and enhances intelligence in a child. As the child develops their mobility functions, it stimulates their brain. This enhances the body-mind connection. Their intelligence becomes higher, and speech develops faster.

2. It Boosts Emotional Health

Most children are wary of the water when learning to swim for the first time. But with a qualified one-on-one instructor, they can quickly overcome their fear and become empowered. It develops their confidence and self-esteem. They also develop a positive attitude towards physical activity.

3. It is an Excellent Form of Exercise

Swimming is a low-impact form of cardiovascular exercise that helps your child burn excess fats. It prevents the child from gaining too much fat and the health conditions associated with being overweight. Since they are in their growing phase, physical exercise will also lead to the development of strong bones and muscles.

4. It Provides Stress Relief

The endorphins released in the brain during swimming aids with stress relief. It gives the child a mood boost. By exercising through swimming, they develop a balanced lifestyle. And the child is unlikely to engage in self-destructive habits.

5. They will have Better Sleep

Any parent understands how hard getting an overactive child to sleep can get. But swimming provides an avenue for the child to burn excess energy. By bedtime, they will be too exhausted to give a fight, and this means getting adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep is as essential as proper nutrition.

Where Are the Best LA Swimming Pools For Children?

Let’s look at some of the best pools in LA where your children can safely swim, play in the water, and have a good time while reaping some health benefits.

Located in West LA, your children will love a swim in the Stoner park pool. It is designed with spray features, fountains, water slides, and waterfalls that will keep the little ones busy when they are not swimming. The wading pool does not go further than four feet. The pool opening and closing hours vary. A look at their website will make planning easier for you.

The Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach provides a different experience for its visitors. It is a manmade saltwater lagoon that is adjacent to the ocean. The facility also provides water slides, sprinklers, and a playground. There are areas with umbrellas and barbecues where you can have a picnic as a family. The water in the swimming area is heated and chlorinated, making it safe. Swimming should be under the supervision of a lifeguard.

Boasting of two large heated swimming pools, the facility at Santa Monica College is popular and suitable for children. Access is mostly limited to the smaller splash pool. But guests can use the larger pool as well during weekends and summer. This large pool has swimming lanes and two diving boards for the more experienced swimmers. Children should always be in the company of an adult.

This vintage pool is located in Santa Monica. It is rather deep, and children should always be in the company of an adult. Besides the pool, there is a splash pad, playground, and an indoor recreation center, which are free. You will need to pay for a pool pass, which includes access to the heated pool, changing rooms, and lockers.

If you are looking for a resort that offers a day pass, the Beverly Hilton pool is worth a try. They have the largest heated hotel pool in Beverly Hills. Your children of less than six years will get to swim for free in this famous pool. You can gain access between seven in the morning, and eight in the evening.

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