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16 Best Places To Find The Perfect Shave Ice In LA (2024)!

Find Shaved Ice 🍧🍨 in Los Angeles & Beyond

(Updated for 2024) Who doesn’t love snow cones or shaved ice? There is something so magical about seeing a mound of snow-like ice get shaved into soft, fluffy flakes. These sweet treats are the perfect way to beat the heat during summer. Whether you’re craving fruity flavors or something more traditional like pandan and grass jelly, there are many options for shaved ice in Los Angeles. Check out the top 16 places where you can get the best shaved ice in Los Angeles and beyond!

Best Shave Ice Near Me:

16 Best Places To Find The Perfect Shaved Ice In LA!

11311 Mississippi Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 445-8725

Blockheads Shavery has been serving up the best shaved ice in Los Angeles since it opened its doors. If you're looking for something special, Blockheads has got your back. Their menu is loaded with delicious options for all ages and dietary restrictions—from soft serve and chocolate milk to Cone-o-Licious and some fruity flavors for kids and adults. You can customize your order with different toppings and get creative with flavored syrups like peach, strawberry lemonade, or Mango and banana.

Blockheads is known for their massive portions and low prices—and they don't skimp on quality either. Their small cone is $3.75, while their large cone is $5.25. Blockhead’s Shavery products are made with 100% natural ingredients. They are all-natural flavors without artificial colors or preservatives, so you can feel good about what you're eating.

Various Locations

If you're looking for an authentic taste of Italy, look no further than Rita's Italian-Shaved Ice. Rita's offers a variety of flavors, including traditional Italian ice like chocolate and strawberry, fruity flavors like pineapple and watermelon, and unique flavors like lemon pie. There are also a few specialty ice cream options for those who want something different than what you'd find at a traditional ice cream shop.

All their products are made with only natural ingredients. Rita's offers cool rewards on their app, like a free treat on your 8th visit. The app also helps you find a store near you! We recommend checking their catering options and super fun variety packs if you have a party.

16 Best Places To Find The Perfect Shaved Ice In LA!

Various Locations

Sul & Beans is a Korean Dessert Cafe chain offering various flavors of Korean Ice Shave or Bingsoo. Their Bingsoos are exotic-looking with mouth-watering flavors such as Oreo, Coffee, Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango, Yogurt Berry, Chocolate, and more. They also have vegan options.

They offer their shaved snow in several sizes, so you can choose how much ice cream you want with your cone or cup. Candyfloss, sprinkles, and crushed nuts are just a few of the tasty options they have available. So if you're looking for a unique treat that will make you feel like a kid again, this is the place for you.

11301 W Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 231-3450

Located in LA, this unique shop is well-known for its signature Shave Ice combos. The shaved ice here is served in the Hawaiian tradition, where the ice is mixed with tropical syrups and topped with colorful decorative toppings.

A shaved ice worth a try is the Hanabata with Melon and Pistachio syrup filled with Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with Snow Cap. Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, you should try Root Beer Float and the Bottom Feeder or choose an extensive selection of flavors to complete your shaved ice.

Los Angeles & Beyond

Breezy Freeze is LA's premium snowball company, offering fluffy ice desserts to the greater LA community since 2010. Breezy Freez is famous for serving various flavors of shaved ice, which you can customize to your preferences. Breezy Freeze offers eight classic flavors, including Cherry and Blue Razz, and exotic flavors like Mango.

Breezy Freeze is available for various events, from private parties to corporate get-togethers and schoolyard festivities.

16 Best Places To Find The Perfect Shaved Ice In LA!

3300 W. 6th St., Unit 2

Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 387-1002

Oakobing is a Korean-style shaved ice with a fun atmosphere that keeps the customers coming back for more. Oakobing's distinctive Korean shaved ice was methodically and artistically designed to provide the ultimate dessert experience. It has a wide range of delicious flavors and an unmistakably fluffy texture.

If you are looking for shaved ice on the sweeter side, you must try the Oreo Tiramisu Ice Flakes. This is a refreshingly sweet treat that is an excellent option for dessert. The milk-flavored ice flakes are served with a side of Oreos, a slice of cheesecake, sweet milk pudding, cocoa poser on top, and a shot of espresso to coat the ice flakes. They are unbelievably yummy and highly recommended!

If you are a fan of tropical fruit flavors, you should try Mango Pineapple Ice Flakes, Mango Ice Flakes, or Mango Melon Ice Flakes, which are decorated beautifully. Oakobing is also available on GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

6000 Sepulveda Blvd

Culver City, CA 90230

If you are craving some classic Hawaiian shaved ice, you should visit Shavers Hawaiian Shave Ice. The shaved ice is served in the Hawaiian tradition, where the ice is mixed with tropical syrups and topped with colorful decorative toppings such as strawberries, pineapple, or blueberries. The mango and coconut syrups are a must-try and make the Hawaiian shaved ice very tropical, perfect for the summer weather. The shaved ice here comes in two sizes: little kahuna or big kahuna.

Shavers Hawaiin Shave Ice can also bring Hawaiian shaved ice to your event.

7324 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046

(855) 934-2779

If you are craving something a little more unique and fun, you should visit Happy Ice. This place is perfect for those who want to try something different and creative. You can choose to have one of their signature flavors or choose from the combination menu if you're going to get wild. On the combination menu, you can find "Famous Rainbow Rocket," which combines all the flavors; Time Machine with Cherry Bomb, Mango Madness, and Pineapple Potion; and All-Star with Cherry Bomb, Blueberry Blast, and Lucky Lemon. You can also add soft serve on top of any cup.

At Happy Ice, all flavors are dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. Happy Ice is also available for catering with a happy cooler, happy buggy, or a happy truck.

4452 W. Slauson Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90043

If you crave something sweet and tropical, visit The SnoBall Shop. This place is well-known for its wide selection of flavors, from banana and strawberries to egg custard, cotton candy, wedding cake, and more. Of course, they also offer old-fashioned ice cream and funnel cakes. The snowballs come in various sizes: small, medium, large, and big easy.

Various Locations

Kona Ice has over 1000 trucks in 48 states. You can type your zip code on their website and find a truck near you. With Kona Ice, you get to flavor your own Kona shaved ice. You’ll get your Kona from the truck window, and then off you go to choose as many flavors as you want! The top 10 flavors are Kona Blue Raspberry, Tiger's Blood, Groovy Grape, Island Rush, Lucky Lime, Monster Mango, Ninja Cherry, Pina Colada, Strawberry'd Treasure, and Watermelon Wave.

Kona Ice Trucks are also available for any event.


California Market Place

450 S. Western Ave. No. 1

Los Angeles, CA 90020

6940 Beach Blvd.,

Buena Park, CA 90621

If you're looking for shaved ice near Disneyland or Korea Town, Mealtop Cafe is one of the top choices. These popular spots offer traditional Korean shaved ice in more than 20 varieties in two locations. Most of their shaved ice is garnished with sweet red beans and two cubes of fresh rice cake that are chewy inside and crispy outside. There is also an option to top it with fresh fruit.

Korean bingsoo is made of pure ice shaved thin enough that when they coat it with their secret-recipe syrup, it tastes creamy while maintaining a crisp coldness.

6005 Vineland Ave., Ste. 105

North Hollywood, CA 91606

(818) 505-3763

If you are craving something more on the sweeter side, you must visit Slusheeland. They are famous for their unique and creamy shakes, which you can choose from various flavors. Slusheeland's shave ices are Mexican Style (Raspados) or Hawaiian style with your choice of (up to 3) pure cane sugar syrups. You can add a swirl of vanilla soft serve in the middle to add some creamy goodness or any other soft serve available. Top it off with Lechera (sweet condensed milk), and you've got yourself a cup of heaven.

The Mexican-style ice shaves are a crunchy bed of shaved ice coasted with your choice of homemade red fruit syrup. These shave ices also come in a variety of flavors. Slusheeland also offers slushies, shakes, floats & soft-serve, and snacks such as nachos, cheesy chips, tostilocos, and more.

16 Best Places To Find The Perfect Shaved Ice In LA!

14425 1/2 Ventura Blvd

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

(818) 461-9303

A delicious bowl of Brian's Shave Ice & Boba is the perfect way to end a hot day. At Brian's, they offer a menu of 40 flavors and toppings. The menu also features new flavors, such as Watermelon Mint, Coconut Lime, and Lavender Lemonade. They also offer a flavor-wave syrup to add a little kick to your shaved ice. Brian's Shave also serves specialty drinks such as Cookie & Creme smoothies, Dole Pina Colada smoothies, and more.

Various Locations

Class 302 Taiwanese Bubble Tea Boba Restaurants have an extensive menu of Taiwanese shaved snow in mini and regular sizes. The shaved ice comes in various unique flavors such as Mochi, Grass Jelly, Almond Tofu, Taro, boba, Aloe, Passion Fruit Jelly, Caramel, Egg Pudding, and much more. We highly recommend the Berry Dream and Summer Farm, and if you are looking for more exotic flavors, you should try Green Tea or Taro Red Bean.

Class 302 has 6 locations in Downey, Irvine, Rowland Heights, Santa Ana, and Cerritos.

22815 S. Figueroa St.

Carson, CA 90745

(310) 847-5500

TastlyBlock Shave Ice serves Hawaiian-style shaved ice with different flavors to choose from, plus they have different flavors of ice cream to add to your shaved ice. The portions are enormous at TastyBlock, and you get so much for your buck! They also have cultural sweets like Halo-Halo and a version of Chinese/Taiwanese Boba. Popular flavors among kids are Root Beer, Cola, Blue Cotton Candy, and Grape.

1409 W. Kenneth Village

Glendale, CA 91201

(818) 334-2967

Hang Loose Hawaiian Shave Ice is a woman-owned and operated serving a variety of flavored and hand-crafted Hawaiian shaved ice. The company’s mission is to provide an authentic taste of Hawaii in every bite, and this can be seen in its range of flavors, such as Cherry, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, and more. All the syrups here are shipped directly from Hawaii, and ice blocks are made daily with pure filtered water. Hang Loose also caters to any occasion.

Delicious takeaway

All in all, there are a plethora of shaved ice cream options, but these vendors are committed to offering the highest quality shaved ice and toppings. So whether you're after traditional shaved ice or more exotic concoctions, you'll find many exciting choices for your palette. Oh, and don't forget the added benefit of supporting local stores in your community.

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16 Best Places To Find The Perfect Shaved Ice In LA!



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