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Adventure With Kids At White Point Beach!

Playing in the sand, and running in the water is what any kid loves to do. Now add sea creatures to the equation, and you have a day that your kid will never forget. This summer, take your kids to White Point Beach in San Pedro for a day full of adventure.

Because of its secluded and unique location, White Point Beach has tide pools rich with a variety of marine life. The tide pools can be found by the big rocks just beyond the sand. There are also a number of rock formations that can be explored at low tide which usually hide interesting creatures. At any given time, the tide pools brim with sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, coral clusters, sea urchins, and sand fish. The excitement of finding and catching these little creatures will have you out there like a child alongside your children.

Start your day by packing beach towels, water shoes, extra clothes, extra shoes, sunblock, a bucket, a net, snack/lunch, and your hats. I also recommend taking jackets because it gets windy and cooler in the afternoon. Tides are usually low between 9:30 am-4:00 at this time of the year, but you should check the tide information here since they change day by day.

The drive is approximately 45 minutes from Los Angeles if you don't stop anywhere. The parking is $8 for the entire day. This beach is not very crowded, and you should be able to find parking close to the beach.

Use caution when entering the tide pools--some are very slippery. I highly recommend water shoes and bathing suits for the kids. If you are going to join them in the water, you should also wear a pair of comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting wet. The tides are low enough that you can easily see and catch all different sea creatures. Be ready to get wet.

Taking the animals home is considered theft and defacement by the Los Angeles County Parks Department because it disrupts the natural habitat, so make sure you tell your kid(s) in advance that they can't take any creatures home.

Facilities nearby:

Picnic Tables


Restrooms (Restrooms are near the playground and further from the tide pool area. I recommend using the bathrooms before going down to the tide pools.)


Other Activities for older kids and adults:





White Point Royal Palms Beach is located at 1779 Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA 90732.

Check the Tides before you go.

Other Tide Pools in Los Angeles County:

This park has two separate beach areas near the visitor center, North Beach and South Beach. In between is an area with rocky cliffs, caves, and tunnels known as Sequit Point. At low tide this is a fun place to explore for sea stars and other marine life. South Beach has a wide rocky shoreline provides easy access to many small tide pools. Hermit crabs, anemones, and small fish are easily spotted in this area.

This park features three beaches, Abalone Cove, Sacred Cove, and Portuguese Bend Cove all of which feature tide pools. Various trails lead from the parking lot to these beaches. Sacred Cove and Portuguese Bend (below an archery range) are farther from the parking lot keeping crowds at bay. Sea caves and tunnels can be found at the ends of the two points between the three coves.

The lack of a sandy beach here means many rocky pools for exploring. The trail down from the parking lot can be rough and exposed in places. The largest tide pools are on the north side of cove and are clearly visible from the bluff at the top of the trail.



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