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A Little Piece of STAR When We All Need A Little Love!

STAR, your favorite after school program, is sending everyone a little piece of STAR at this time when we all need a little love. They have produced a variety show, STARtastic, for you to enjoy from home.

In the first episode of STARtastic, you'll meet Blanka the Cockatoo, draw Blanka in a unique art style, experience an amazing yoga lesson, and build an underwater castle in Minecraft. Grab your pens, pencils, and yoga mats to explore the STAR Eco Station in this 90 minute show for free!

They hope that you are able to make beautiful memories together, sing songs from out the balcony like the Italians, or open your door and have a dance party at your doorstep. "Perhaps you'll be able to discover wonderful things in your closet you forgot you had, or start a new hobby you've always wanted to try."

Click here to start the show.


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