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A Huge List of Digital Educational Resources For Kids!

It is a digital world and education is easier then ever with digital resources. From math, science, literature, to chemistry, history, coding and more, we have curated a huge list of digital education resources to help your kids catch up just in time for back-to-school. You can also find apps that can help you monitor your kids' accomplishments and to create an award system.

Here children can engage with publishing, story creation, game design, concept mapping, collaborative writing and art, to name a few.

Based on extensive experience partnering with higher education institutions across the nation, AdmitHub has developed a unique, three-pronged approach for a successful student communication platform. AdmitHub combines artificial intelligence, proactive nudges, and a vast knowledge base to engage students in authentic, personalized conversations.

Adventure Academy blends education best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to create engaging and effective educational experiences that bring learning to life.

Learners can customize their learning experience to fit their needs and interests to stay motivated and engaged.

The content specialists have put together a lot of resources available to students and teachers offering review materials from stereochemistry to 2nd semester organic chemistry.

Here you will find a selection of articles arranged by the chemistry concepts.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

This program will change the way of teaching science, increasing the amount of science taught, yet reducing the headache of figuring out the details.

Jump-start your teaching and maximize student learning with printable activities for students in K-12.

With Book Creator online you can bring creativity to your homes not just your classrooms! You will get the ability to collaborate together on books in real-time.

Consider using BrainPOP’s animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for Distance learning Support, for projects, and homework keeping students on track with their studies.

Breakout Edu has put together a collection of digital games that students can play at home. Students can click on any game and start playing!

With Buncee’s assortment of media options, creating a virtual lesson is quick and easy. Teachers can include text, video, audio, or even links to additional resources.

Students will receive access to thousands of CENTURY's learning resources in English, maths and science.

Boost your math understanding by getting instant feedback on your work.

CircleTime Fun

Learn and bond with your 0-6 year old. Follow and interact with an expert instructor.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Teachers can plan and teach their class virtually, while keeping students engaged.

CK-12 creates high-quality and free K-12 resources that are easy to set up for online learning during school closures. They'll walk you through how to use our deeply interactive digital textbooks (FlexBooks) and find engaging content.

ClassDojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

This is a brand new website full of fun and practical activities for kids.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Create a free ClassHook account, and join your school during onboarding.

Classtime is a solution for classrooms that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding. Perfect for teachers and students in the modern classroom.

CMU CS Academy provides free, online, interactive computer science curriculum for high schools that is engaging, creative, rigorous and fun. CS Academy also includes teacher training, an online interactive textbook, online technical support and more!

A reading program that reaches all students. Access the tools to implement an effective literacy program in your home. Also featuring Spanish reading passages and questions.

Teach Language through fun activities & games.

Access 3,800 courses and 400 specializations for colleges and universities.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Share and Explore High Quality K-12 Content.

Build complete lessons within minutes with your existing teaching content such as study sets, PPT or Google Slides.

DelthaMath is a website that allows teacher to assign content to students from middle school to college.

Unlock the power of discovery with standards-aligned, digital curriculum resources and easy-to-use technology.

The Dyslexia-Academy is an online dyslexia school of support for Parents, Teachers and Pupils.

EdConnect is a video messaging tool that brings the classroom environment online, increasing student engagement and retention.

Edmodo organizes your work with class folders and a built-in Planner, so that you can stress less.

EdPuzzle standardizes the way K-12 teachers deliver their video lessons and allow students to access personalized video learning safely.

A progressive teaching and learning toolkit for the modern classroom.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Make learning and teaching more effective with active participation and student collaboration.

Technology-enhanced assessments that work for teachers.

Edu-Together offers full courses in all academic subjects.

Elementari is a K-12 online platform to read, write, code, share, and remix interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds.

The Emile range of resources has been developed by a group of teachers, academics and game developers supplying games-based learning resources.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Epraise is designed to do three things; motivate students, engage parents and save teachers time.

Epic! is the Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & Under.

EVERFI provides students of all ages the critical skills that work and life demand.

From sketches, through PDFs, to videos, Explain Everything lets you turn an infinite canvas into a mixed-media playground that captivates and inspires.


Learn Science, Math, History, Social Science and more.

Flipgrid is social learning for PreK to PhD learners ... and beyond!

E-courses include Comprehension-based E-book, audio book, and E-quizzes and activities.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Students automatically work on the Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science lessons that are perfect for them. That way, they are always engaged and challenged, never facing material that is too difficult or easy for them.

Kids create their assignments directly from problems in existing school materials.

Gamilab is an online platform where you can find and create easy, fun and educational games.

Create stunning presentations, infographics, and more in just seconds.

GoGuardian’s suite of tools helps you maximize the learning potential of 1:1 school technology program.

Online Maths and English Lessons for school aged kids.

You’ll be able to put up to 250 people on a Hangouts Meet call—an entire class or group of classes can join a lesson simultaneously.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Gynzy is the all-in-one educational software that combines standards-aligned lessons, bite-sized games & activities, and class management tools.

Hapara lets you view, organize and personalize digital learning from top to bottom.

EBooks, instructional videos, and interactive tutorials

Explore more than 7,000 free videos in 13 subjects areas.

An extensive database of reliable video and print resources.

Free mini courses in various subjects.

InThinking promotes and supports the development of high quality educational resources which incorporate cutting-edge ideas, encourage independent thinking, and help students to prepare effectively for exams.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

i‑Ready is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program that empowers educators with the resources they need to help all students succeed.

FREE High-quality educational materials to educators: teachers, homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, scout troop leaders – to anyone interested in learning/teaching!

Engage students in learning even when they’re not in class and stay on track with curriculum while instructing online.

Kami is the leading PDF & document annotation app for schools.

PBS SoCal | KCET and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more just for California teachers.

Free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere.

The Premier Cross-Curricular Online Platform for Elementary and Middle School Learners.

Kognity is an award-winning digital publisher which combines the power of technology and textbooks to create a vastly elevated learning experience.

Real laboratories, on the Internet is a Web 2.0 application, to support learning and teaching processes with small interactive modules.

Download books and audiobooks for offline reading from your public library with your library card, or stream them to save space.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

The Listenwise platform supports distance learning by allowing you to roster students, make online customized written assignments, and assign multiple-choice autos-cored listening quizzes.

With Mangahigh, you can assign and assess students’ performance online and exchange messages in a virtual environment.

A game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment.

MobyMax helps struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and closes learning gaps for all students.

When students use Mozi, they create focused, organized, evidence-based writing in any course.

MusicFirst Classroom is the only comprehensive learning management system for K-12 music education

Nearpod is an instructional platform that merges formative assessment and dynamic media for collaborative learning experiences.

Newsla is ffering free access to Newsela’s entire product suite for the rest of the 2020 school year.

Explore fun, social, and safe learning experiences—taught over live video chat. 10,000+ classes led by qualified teachers.

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids makes practicing the important skill of sight reading easy, effective and fun!

SmartMusic is a web-based suite of music education tools that support efficient practice, helping musicians to develop and grow.

Create your own digital story with over 2,000 Lesson Plans and Activities.

Create training content, tutorials, lessons and step-by-step instructions & more.

Learn Touch Typing for free!

More Digital Educational Resources For Kids

Vidcode offers the #1 research-backed standards-aligned computer science courses, focused on open-ended projects.

Vroom Tips help you do more with your shared moments. Add learning to mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, or anytime with 1,000+ fun, free activities.

Save, organize and share content from across the web.

WeVideo empowers every learner to discover their voice and make an impact in their world by promoting deeper learning while making it fun and easy for students to express their ideas with creativity and authenticity.

Video communications platform that simplifies how people communicate.



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