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A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale & the Magical World of Santa’s North Pole!

A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale gives an all-new glimpse into the magical world of Santa’s North Pole, and answers the universal question: How does Santa travel the whole world in one night?

The special features “Newsey Noel,” the North Pole’s ace Scout Elf reporter, who is invited to ride along with Santa on Christmas Eve to learn first-hand how time pauses so Santa can deliver presents undetected and unheard. The special was adapted from the book, Elf Pets: An Arctic Fox Tradition, which will launch this holiday season and comes with an arctic fox plush.  

Elf Pets: A Fox Cubs Christmas Tale DVD is available for purchase at retailers nationwide, and on website, for only $9.95. The disc includes the 28-minute animated special, as well as the trailer, sing-along version and filmmaker’s commentary.

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Adopt one of Santa’s holiday helpers and experience a fun-filled Christmas with your very own magical Scout Elf.

Be a part of promoting kindness and Christmas cheer. Adopt one of Santa’s cuddly Elf Pets® to help Santa this Christmas season!

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Plus you can find fun and free holiday games, write a letter to Santa, play snowball fight, find your elf personality, watch holiday videos, and much much more.

Disclosure: We were gifted an Elf on the Shelf Packet from for review purposes.


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