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7 Excellent Places to Visit in LA for Kids Who Are Science Buffs

Los Angeles is known for conjuring up images of Hollywood glitz, glamor, and the red carpet more than it is for science. But LA is one of the cities in the world with some of the highest science and tech output. Here you'll find budding scientists, from curious high schoolers working on chemistry experiments to research fellows at world-renowned institutions.

If you are planning a trip with kids who love science to Los Angeles, you'll find a wealth of museums, centers, and other scientific experiences to ignite young minds. We're pretty sure you'll enjoy the experience yourself. Here are seven excellent places to visit for the science buffs.

Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

The Griffith Observatory is the perfect day out for kids, nestled within the greater Griffith Park. While there are plenty of activities within Griffith Park that are attractive to kids, Griffith Observatory is where the wonder is at.

Kids will enjoy the science adventure here. From checking out exhibits that showcase the wonders of the universe, to peering through telescopes into the vastness of space, the kids will love it.

The Samuel Oschin Planetarium offers captivating shows presented live that teleport you into a cosmic journey. Shows are offered every 60 to 90 minutes when the planetarium is open.

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After creating some memories inside the Griffith Observatory, you can take the kids for a gentle hike through the lush trails of Griffith Park. You can snap some pics of birds and small deer and round your day up with some intimate family time along the Los Angeles River.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

If you're traveling with kids who are fascinated by dinosaurs and pre-historic Earth, then you certainly need to include the La Brea Tar Pits on your itinerary. Here, kids will see the excavation of ancient fossils in action, and interact

Embark on a prehistoric expedition at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum. Here, kids can witness the excavation of ancient fossils trapped in sticky tar pits for millennia. These fossils including those of saber-toothed cats and mammoths provide a glimpse into the fascinating animals that once roamed the area.

California Science Center

The California Space Center has engaging and educational exhibits for visits of all ages, with the retired Space Shuttle Endeavour as the centerpiece.

Some other fun activities here include the World of Life gallery where kids can learn more about the human body. They'll also see the gigantic 50-foot-tall animatronic doll called Tess.

At the center, kids can also visit the 7-storey IMAX theatre where they can see documentaries about wildlife, aquatic life, and space travel. All admission to the center is free apart from the IMAX theatre.

Exploratorium in San Francisco

You can take a short drive or train ride with your kids to the Exploratorium - a public learning laboratory that lets you explore the world through art, science, and human perception.

Here, kids can learn about sound waves by playing giant harps, explore the properties of light through kaleidoscopes, and even create electrical circuits. Kids are encouraged to explore and experiment, thus making learning science fun and accessible.

Aquarium of the Pacific

It doesn't matter if your kids are science buffs or not, because they'll love the Aquarium of the Pacific. This is probably the biggest aquarium in the Southern California area, inspired by the Pacific waves and its rich ecosystem.

The aquarium offers the perfect mix of outdoor and indoor activity areas. Outside you can find an expansive shark lagoon with different shark species, starfish, blue spotted rays, and hundreds of other species. There's also the Lorikeet forest which is constantly under the chatter of the beautiful rainbow lorikeets.

From there, you take the kids around the different galleries to experience heavy tech displays of marine life and interactive shark tanks.

Aquarium of the Pacific isn't the cheapest option on this list, with tickets priced at $44. Still, you can check the Aquarium of Pacific website for offers and group discounts.

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History (LACMA)

For science/history lovers, the LACMA offers the most immersive dinosaur experiences on the entire planet. You can take the kids behind the scenes to check out work in the Dino Lab and get to see scientists working on hundreds of fossils and check out specimens.

You'll see both massive and small-sized skeletons here, from mastodons and whales to the Tyrannosaurus rex. The kids will also enjoy the various animal dioramas from different continents. You'll also get to stroll through the Nature Gardens with tons of butterflies and uncover some gems in the Nature Lab.

Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Huntington Library is another great place for kids to fuse art, science, and history. Nestled in San Marino, you'll experience expansive botanical gardens showcasing different thousands of plant species.

The art museum is a collection of American, British, and European art, with thousands of paintings, art, prints, sculptures, and drawings from around the world.

Rounding up Your Day - Randy's Donuts

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With all that fun activity and a wholesome educational day, the kids are probably famished. Randy's Donuts near Marina del Rey will give you a treat from its iconic donut collection.

Here, the kids will see the science of baking soda meeting vinegar and dough to create the perfect donut mix wink.

Wrapping Up

Pick from any one or more of these seven places to give your kids a science-packed adventure and an experience like no other on their LA day out. From exploring the cosmos at Griffith Observatory to uncovering the secrets of the past at the La Brea Tar Pits, LA is a playground for scientific learning and entertainment.

Make sure to enjoy the experience as much as your kids and create great memories with plenty of photos. See you in LA!


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