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60+ Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids to Make the Whole Family Laughing!

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that it’s a time when families and friends come together to share a meal, catch up on one another’s lives, and generally have a jolly good time. And to make your Thanksgiving Day even jollier, we’ve put together some great Thanksgiving jokes for kids that adults would love too. From turkey jokes, Pilgrim jokes and Knock-knock jokes for your Thanksgiving Day, we've got all of them covered. These will not only keep your little ones entertained but also keep the whole family laughing!

1. How can you tell a turkey has poor table manners? They gobble their food.

2. What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient children? If your father could see you now, he’d turn over in his gravy!

3. What did the turkey give thanks for on Thanksgiving? Vegans.

4. Why was the turkey the drummer in the band? Because he had the drumsticks!

5. When turkeys are thankful to people? The Friday after Thanksgiving.

6. What is the most important role to play in any Thanksgiving meal? The casserole. 7. Why did Johnny get such low grades after Thanksgiving? Because everything is marked down after the holidays.

8. Why did the turkey cross the road? He wanted people to think he was a chicken.

9. What does a turkey say to the hunter before Thanksgiving? Quack! Quack!

10. What vegetable was hiding in the basement on Thanksgiving? Cellar-y

11. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter? Pumpkin pi.

12. Knock knock. Who’s there? Arthur. Arthur who? Arthur any leftovers?

13. What sound does a turkey make in space? Hubble Hubble.

14. Why are turkeys jealous of clocks? Because time flies.

15. How many turkeys do you need to change a lightbulb? Three: one to hold the ladder, one to screw in the light bulb, and one to remind the others that they don't have fingers and really shouldn't be doing this. 16. Why was the turkey the drummer in the band? Because he had the drumsticks.

17. What do you call a dumb gobbler? A jerky turkey.

18. Why do turkeys always go gobble gobble? Because they never had good table manners.

19. What’s the best thing to put in a pumpkin pie? Your teeth!

20. What did the turkey say to the computer? Google, Google.

21. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Harry. Harry who? Harry up, I’m starvin’.

22. What happens when a turkey lays an egg on the roof? You get an eggroll. 23. What do they call Thanksgiving in the military? Tanksgiving.

24. How do you make a turkey float? With three scoops of ice cream, root beer, and a turkey.

25. What is a turkey's favorite holiday? Christmas because it means he made it. 26. What has feathers and webbed feet? A turkey wearing scuba gear.

27. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Don. Don who? Don eat all the stuffing!

28. What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport? Squash.

29. What do you call a turkey running for his life? Fast food.

30. How long should you let the turkey rest after you take it out of the oven? It depends on how tired it is.

31. What do you call a Pilgrim’s vocabulary? Pilgrammar

32. Why can’t you take a turkey to church? Because they use such FOWL language.

33. How do you make a turkey disappear? Invite your family over for Thanksgiving. 34. Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building? Yes, a building can’t jump at all.

35. What's blue and covered in feathers? A turkey holding its breath.

36. What do you wear to a Thanksgiving dinner? A har-VEST

37. What do you call a turkey the day after Thanksgiving? Lucky.

38. What smells the best at Thanksgiving dinner? Your nose.

39. Why did the Pilgrims choose the turkey to eat on Thanksgiving? Because they couldn't fit a buffalo in the oven.

40. What kind of car do Pilgrims drive? A Plymouth.

41. What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving? The letter G.

42. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Aaron. Aaron who? Aaron you having more turkey?

43. How can you tell the difference between a chicken and a turkey? Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving.

44. What do you call putting gas in your car on the fourth Thursday of November? Tanksfilling.

45. What do you get when you cross a turkey with an octopus? Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving. 46. Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving? The turkey, because he’s already stuffed!

47. What did the leftover turkey say? Make me a sandwich.

48. Knock, knock. Who's there? Norma Lee. Norma Lee who? Norma Lee I don't eat this much! 49. What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving? The turkey trot.

50. What does a teddy bear have in common with a turkey? Both of them have stuffing inside. 51. What does Dracula call Thanksgiving? Fangs-giving.

52. What does a turkey use to get itself clean? A feather duster. 53. Why do Pilgrims' pants keep falling down? Because their belt buckles are on their hats!

54. When is the only time turkey soup is not good for your health? When you are the turkey.

55. Where do you fix a broken pumpkin pie? At a pumpkin patch!

56. Knock, knock. Who's there? Tamara. Tamara who? Tamara we'll have turkey leftovers!

57. What happened to the turkey that got in a fight? He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

58. What do you call Thanksgiving if you’re selfish? Thanks-taking. 59. What do you call a turkey that fell in love with a pig? the Porky Turkey.

60. What do turkeys use to cross the country? A gravy train.

61. Hey bro, what vegetables are we having with the turkey? Beets me.



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