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5 Tips for Parents: How to Help Your Child with Algebra!

Do you feel lost when your child asks for help learning algebra? If your answer is yes, you must remember that you are not alone. Tutors, parents, and postgraduate students are intimidated by math from time to time. Plus, algebra and math aren’t as static as most people would want them to be. When you understand the human brain and how people learn, you’ll adopt effective teaching practices to help your child become a great mathematician.

If you have no idea how to solve an algebraic problem, don’t worry. Here are five best ways to help your child with algebra.

1. Don’t say that you are bad at algebra

This is one of the essential tips to help your child perform well in algebra. Keep quiet whenever you want to say that you are bad at math or algebra. Various research studies have shown that there is no such thing as being a “math person”. Even if you feel this way, you can avoid passing anxiety to your child by steering clear of negativity about math. Even if you don’t understand the problem, stay positive. And focus on what you can work out together with your child.

2. Algebra is all about patterns

Algebra is repetitive. Therefore, everything will be easier when you understand the patterns. Math problems are alike in many ways. Solving one type of problem with your child regularly will help you clearly understand how to answer questions correctly. You need to find out what problems your child has difficulty solving. And then look for problems and quizzes that are similar. When you and your child repeat solving math problems together, you’ll both clearly understand algebraic functions.

3. Contact a tutor

Associating with your child’s tutor will go a long way in promoting your child’s education. Learning how to solve algebraic problems is a process that will happen at home and in class. Interacting with the tutor will help you and the school develop effective ways to promote the learning process. Tutors will share the strengths and weaknesses of their students and offer algebra 2 answers step by step and study tips that parents can use at home. Parents can follow up on homework and find out if their children are struggling with something and are afraid to ask their tutor.

Parents can act as the bridge between children and tutors. Contacting the tutor is essential especially if students need help. Both tutors and parents can provide extra tutoring to boost learning.

4. Have your child read the problem first

Most children start solving mathematical problems as they read them because they want to solve them faster. While this might seem logical, mathematical problems are tricky and confusing. Therefore, reading and solving a problem at the same time can be difficult not only for children but also for adults. Ensure that your child reads the entire problem before they start doing anything. Encourage them to underline key information and figures in the problem. This will help them avoid mistakes caused by misunderstandings. This will also teach kids about caution and patience when solving real-life problems.

5. Embrace visual learning

While math books are helpful in the modern world, most students prefer learning with captivating and engaging visuals. They are more appealing compared to endless figures and graphs in their books. You can help your child understand and solve algebraic problems by searching for online illustrations and games. You should encourage your child to do these activities with their friends at school. Plus, you can watch many YouTube videos with your child to help them learn better and get good grades.

Bonus Tip: Use technology

Technology has transformed our lives in ways we’d never imagine. Today, you can use technology in education. By spending a few minutes searching on your phone, you can find many great apps related to math and algebra. The best part is, most of them are free. When your child understands the patterns and principles of algebra, they’ll have an easy time-solving math problems in school.


You don’t have to feel lost whenever your child brings you a complex algebra problem to solve. You need to keep in mind that you are not alone. And use the tips that we have shared with you in this article. Instead of focusing on the negative side, assure them that both of you can solve the problem. Thanks to rapid technological advancement, you can watch YouTube videos together about the subject and find apps that will help them understand and solve mathematical problems. Which tip will you use today to promote your child’s learning at school?



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