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5 Great Tips To Get Your Kids To Clean Up!

We are all stuck at home with our kids and there is no where to go and no one to help us with our chores. It also means more cooking and more mess. It is too much to do especially if you are a working parent, and if you want to save your sanity, you got to get everyone to help even the little kids. Here are five great tips from ClutterBug that will actually get your kids excited about cleaning.

1. Having the right tools

Get some natural home cleaning products, and some cute little spray bottles, put your kids' names on them, and get the kids to choose their favorite essential oils to mix with the cleaning products. Alongside, search for the appropriate gloves kids can use to ensure their hands stay protected during cleaning tasks. Buy some mops, brooms, and dustbusters at a 99 Cent Store, or just order from Amazon if you are not leaving the house, with little baskets to carry their cleaning stuff around. Your kids would love having their own cleaning kits. (Or just give them whatever you have at home that they can use for cleaning if you want to save your money).

2. Use your imagination

Have a superhero cleaning party or a pirate cleaning party, or just treat the kids as a "kids cleaning crew". Kids would love to do grown up stuff when you make it a game for them. You can even pretend that you are putting the house for sale and you need a cleaning crew to clean the house before you put it on the market.

3. Make it a Challenge

All kids love a good challenge, especially when it is combined with a game. Give the kids a white cleaning cloth with their own home made cleaning spray, and see who gets their white cleaning cloth dirtier. You will be surprised the places kids find to clean to get their cloth dirty. It is a win win situation. You get a clean house, and they get to feel accomplished.

4. Give them clear directions

If you just say: go clean your room, they will probably shove everything under their bed. Instead give them clear directions like pick up all the cars and put them in the box; or put all the dirty cloths in the hamper. Give them little tasks so they know exactly what they should do to set them up for success.

5. Do "Tidy Time" a few times a day

If you wait till the end of the day to do clean up time, it may get overwhelming for everyone. Instead do "Tidy Time" 2 to 3 times a day. Do Tidy Time before lunch, before dinner, and before bed time to control the amount of mess they create.

Thank you ClutterBug for all the great tips! Leave us comments and let us after you try these tips and how it worked out for you!



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