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30 Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Writing an essay has to be exciting because children learn how to structure and exchange their ideas properly. The chosen topics have to be easy, relevant to children's interests, and useful for their educational skills simultaneously. Even a seemingly careless assignment theme can help the child to improve their writing or thinking skills. The same outcome will prevent them from lacking emotional resources to complete writing tasks when there is a serious topic. Here, are 30 creative writing prompts to help your kids.

1. My favorite writer

It is always easy to proceed with the writing assignment if there is a writer to take as an example. Moreover, such discussions can involve children in reading more.

2. What type of the academic I would be

Children can question their teachers' professionalism on a range of occasions. So which type of academic professional would they be themselves?

3. What is the United States special for

The USA has achieved so much as a country. Which qualities make it original in comparison to other states? Do children appreciate them or not?

4. Why learn English

Learning English can be difficult even for those who speak it from childhood. But what makes it so meaningful in the entire world?

5. The advantages of buying cheap clothes

Everyone knows that there is always something cool to buy instead of clothes. How do you profit from buying cheap clothes instead of the expensive product lines?

6. How to enjoy sports for free

Sports can seem to be luxurious entertainment nowadays. However, everyone can enjoy it for free in various methods. Children can also comment on their own sports habits.

7. My top 5 songs

There are essay topics that can improve students' emotional state until they receive the ability to express themselves. Sharing the top songs they like can satisfy them a lot.

8. My dream job

It is also easy to complete a task that makes children elaborate on their dreams. Children who imagine becoming an expert in the concrete career field have more motivation to study.

9. Which company I would work for

Assigning essays about a likable company is a proper and non-challenging way to start preparing children for writing motivational letters in the future.

10. A celebrity that inspires me

It couldn't be more pleasant to write about some world-known person that genuinely inspires you as a student. What if any of the celebrities or historical personalities serve as role models to the child?

11. If classical writers lived nowadays

It is always interesting to try applying classical novels to contemporary realms. Children can examine their imagination while trying to guess classical writers' thoughts and ideas under modern conditions.

12. Why students like disobeying rules

Children are hardly being nasty because they dislike it. What is so joyful about opposing the written rules and standards?

13. I cannot imagine my perfect summer without this thing

Is it a smartphone, a fantasy book, or a music collection? Which thing is a must for spending the summertime nicely? Which activities does this priceless item guarantee?

14. Do book reviews help?

When it is difficult to choose which book to read, we search for its reviews online. We are also interested in others' interpretations of its content when we struggle to decode it ourselves. But do these reviews really help?

15. The website or platform I use the most

Once you check how different children's answers can be here, you will reveal so many unique facts about their preferences and habits simply by identifying which website is the number one for them.

16. Which animal reflects my personality

Self-reflecting papers are never enough. It would be useful for children to try analyzing which animal archetypes correspond with their character traits.

17. Why children need to travel

Believe it or not, some people can doubt traveling as an advantageous option for children. What are the positive perspectives of traveling for children? Where do children like to travel and where do they want to go?

18. Who is the ideal president?

Children may understand that the president is someone who leads their country. What does it take for leaders to perform their best?

19. How can we help public services

Public services guarantee our well-being. How can ordinary citizens contribute to their input into the public good?

20. The holidays to remember

Revising delightful memories can make children enjoy writing their papers from scratch. You can also refer to academic experts from an essay writer online service for professional assistance if needed.

21. Funny examples of being shy as a customer

Joanne Rowling in Harry Potter indicates that the most efficient way to overcome the fear is to laugh at it. To prevent any service flaws, people have to acknowledge their customers' rights and advocate for them confidently.

22. Benefits of the custom blog

There are so many aspects of the custom blogs to consider and still, individuals and businesses remain unsure whether they really need to get a personalized blog.

23. Do parents have to help children with their college?

College can be complicated. But does it mean that parents have to intervene?

24. Popular staff I will never buy and why

We have to check numerous factors before buying something. Are there any trendy items that the child would not purchase because of their color, quality, smell, or other characteristics that they can criticize?

25. Famous eco-friendly companies

You have to know your heroes! Companies try so hard to stop the ecological disaster and the public is still unaware of them. How unfair!

26. An Oscar-winning movie review

Pick a discussed film that has won an Oscar to review its qualities. Does it actually deserve such a prestigious award, by the way?

27. A mysterious research topic

Children may not like doing the research, but they certainly love solving mysteries. Let the youngsters investigate some phenomena to make them used to researching the assigned topics.

28. If I had a time machine

What would a child do having a chance to travel through time? The paper has to consist of the aim of using the time machine and cover the desired outcomes of the experiment.

29. The order I regret making

Nobody likes regretting an order. Nevertheless, it is a widespread situation when the order does not appear to be as satisfying as expected.

30. A nonexistent service I would like to create

When adults fight for a profitable idea because they want to obtain a financially profitable project, children's fantasy works more productively while their intentions to create something are more innocent and sincere. There are an endless number of children's suggestions to observe.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.


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