The Best Family Friendly Gyms in & Around Los Angeles!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Kids are fun, playful, and interesting to be around. But as much as they are cherished, they can, in certain instances, make it hard for their parents to engage in activities that they like, and should participate in to remain fit and healthy. Exercising is one such activity. However, you no longer have an excuse for not working out, as there are many family-friendly gyms located in and around Los Angeles that you can take your kids with you.


Equinox, based in West LA, features a kid’s club, and is deemed to be one of the best family-friendly gyms in the city for parents who want to exercise, while they keep a close eye on what their little ones are doing.

The facility is open to all parents who have children aged three months and above. Its childcare area is managed by professionals who have received certification in early childhood development. This is a good indication that your child will always be in good, safe, and professional hands.

Collins & Katz Family YMCA

Collins & Katz Family YMCA is located in West Los Angeles. This YMCA was established in 2017 and features 7,300 square feet of the latest cardio and strength training equipment, Two indoor heated pools, Spacious exercise studios, Expansive menu of Youth, Teen, Adult and Senior programming, Child Activity Center with complimentary child care during workouts, Indoor basketball court Rooftop recreation deck, and more. This location is perfect for families who want to get fit together, or you can drop off the little ones at the day care while you exercise.

CrossFit Ganbette

This is yet another family-friendly CrossFit-oriented gym. If you are looking for a place where your kids can exercise as you are working out, then this is one facility that you should definitely check out.

Check out the outpost in Glassell Park. The outpost has a program known as CrossFit kids. This training ensures that your children are fit at all times. It can best be described as childcare that has a unique purpose.

The gym is open to kids between the ages of four and thirteen years. Its main purpose is to help children fight obesity, while teaching them techniques that they can use in order to remain healthy. You will find that the classes offered at the outpost tend to be engaging, age-appropriate, and best of all, fun for the kids. This is definitely a good combination.

CrossFit High Voltage

Located in Burbank, this is a CrossFit gym that specializes in what they refer to as the Lil Sparkx training regimen. The program itself is an added treat that is meant to inspire all parents that have small children and who still want to continue exercising with earnest.

The fees are affordable as it will only cost you a single dollar for each child. The best thing about the facility is that you do not have to worry about the safety of your little ones, as there is professional help available round the clock to help ensure that they are safe while you do your workout sessions.

The facility’s management has set aside a colorful and playful area that is filled with all kinds of diversions that are required to keep children engaged, as well as encouraging them to have a good time, while mommy and daddy tone their bodies in another area.

Spectrum Athletic Clubs

Spectrum, located in Pacific Palisades has a child-friendly gym popularly known as the Kids Club. The gym has come up with various interactive and engaging ways to support kids learning, while at the same time encouraging them to become fit.

Spectrum provides a child-friendly atmosphere, and numerous games and activities, which have over the years proven to be a big hit with many families. Also, all the personnel working at the facility have been professionally trained to ensure that parents never have to worry about their children when they are lifting weights.

Trifecta Fit Sport

Located in beautiful Pasadena,Trifecta Fit Sport is a private gym housed in a massive twenty-one thousand square feet facility. It has enough room to support all kinds of amenities that anyone would ever want to find in a family-friendly gym.

One of these amenities has been set aside for small children, who would like to have fun on their own as their parents take part in weight training and kickboxing. The area has been designed to incorporate all manners of diversions such as giant giraffes sculpted from wood, and bean bag chairs. It provides for a perfect environment to leave your kid as you go on with your exercise.

Total Woman Gym and Day Spa

It should not come as a surprise to find a facility named Total Woman having its own kids club. Apart from offering services such as strength training, and Pilates that are designed to get you into great shape, it also boasts of a well-decorated kids area with professional supervisors.

The kids area has been designed for use by kids older than two months, but younger than twelve years. Kids within this age group are highly welcome at the facility, where they can take part in all kinds of fun games.

Los Angeles Athletic Club

Last but not least on this list is the Los Angeles Athletic Club. This is not only a great place to improve your general fitness, but it also comes with many other amenities like a small guesthouse, an enclosed swimming pool, and various dining options.

But for a parent looking to work out without worrying about their kids, the one amenity that clearly stands out from all the others has to be the child day care center. The center has a playroom that can accommodate the needs of any child aged six months and above.

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