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Best Destinations in India to Travel with Kids!

How often did you go to the same ‘family’ hill-station for your summer vacation? How would you rate your childhood in terms of traveling and exploring new places? Not satisfactory, right? We agree that traveling with your toddler is a challenging task especially for the mother who has to keep the child happy and healthy, but your child needs to know the world so that they grow up to be better citizens.

It’s not only about the destination but it’s about the whole journey. Children have a much quicker learning curve and they adapt to things faster than us. So, by avoiding traveling with them, you are robbing them off of a great opportunity to discover, meet new people, and most importantly observe their surroundings. We handpicked some cool destinations in India that are kid-friendly.

Photo by Colin Tsoi

Kashmir and its beautiful landscape

There is no explanation required for choosing Kashmir as a must visit place with your kids. The crown of India stands at the top of the list while choosing places. The colors and hues of the valley will mesmerize you and your child, and you will be amazed when she starts noticing every tree and every bird around her. This would be the time when she will start observing people with different dialects and colorful clothes. Your child will begin to admire the beauty that India has to offer! You can add memories to your trip by staying a night in the spectacular houseboat and wake up for a sunrise on ‘shikara’ in the splendid Dal lake.

Photo by Aman Arora

Nainital and Jim Corbett National park

A popular hill station of north India, Nainital is a treat for nature lovers. Walk down the market lanes in the heart of Nainital, go boating in the Naini Lake and be sure to capture your child’s expressions when you go through the curvy roads and valleys. You can also buy beautiful handmade candles from the mall road as souvenirs. On your way back, visit the popular Jim Corbett national park, which is only 3-hours drive from Nainital. The dense forest is home to hundreds of animals and birds. The best part here is the jungle safari, which takes you to the tour of national park, and your child gets to see animals and birds in their natural habitat. If you are lucky you can also spot the royal Bengal tiger crossing your path. Don’t forget to end the day with teaching them the importance of wildlife conservation.

Photo by Simply CVR

Ooty and Kodaikanal

Bestowed with the title of ‘Queen of hills’ of South India, Ooty has mesmerizing ambience and breath-taking landscapes. The hill station has lakes and waterfalls, peaks, and gardens for enjoying with your little one. You can indulge in various activities like horseback riding, boating, and fishing. If your child is very young and doesn’t speak words clearly, you will find her picking sounds of animals and copying them in her own style, which is always a pleasure to watch. Ooty is also famous for its handmade chocolates. Now that is going to be some treat for the young ones!

Located nearby is Kodaikanal, which offers the thrilling views from the Telescope house. A complete journey into nature’s lap, this is going to stay in your memories for a long time to cherish.

Photo by Crystian Cruz


Being parents to a curious child is always challenging, and it is your duty to make this learning interesting for him. What’s written in books vanishes, but real-life experiences always stay in your memories. And for that, it is important to travel to historic places like Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the places you need to travel with your child. Not only for the sake of history and knowledge, but because it is one of the seven wonders of world!

Photo by Kunal Mukherjee

Ajanta and Ellora

When your child starts to learn about the history of the Ajanta and Ellora caves in his school curriculum, he will smile and thank you for this trip. Ajanta and Ellora caves located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra are part of the UNESCO world heritage sites, and you will know why after visiting them. The caves belong to 2nd century, and they were once home to the Buddhist monks. The wall paintings and carvings could be of great interest to your child, and be sure to buy him an encyclopaedia or a picture book from the stalls outside the caves.

Photo by Criss Chengck


If you need to get a feel of royalty of Mewar kingdom, then Udaipur is your destination. Also known by popular name ‘City of lakes’, it is still untouched by urbanization, and carries the romance in every sunset and sunrise. One of the best forts of India is in Udaipur. The City's palace is the pride of the city. Located on the banks of Lake Pichola, the palace houses a crystal gallery, which leaves the visitors speechless.

You should also visit the vintage car museum with your child. The palace authorities also run a light and sound show in the evenings, which showcases the history of Mewar kingdom, and it is very interesting to watch.

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