40 Things Moms Miss The Most About Their Pre-Kid Lives!

We've done our own survey about what Moms miss the most about their pre-kid lives, and here is the list of their honest answers, with sleep being on top of the list. You will find some very funny answers here that will actually make you laugh out loud!

1. Sleep.

2. Traveling on a whim.

3. Traveling without a budget.

4. Late careless nights out with girlfriends in the city.

5. Being able to stay up until 1am and not have to wake up at 6am to get the kids ready for school.

6. The abundance amount of energy I used to have.

7. Quite.

8. Freedom to do my own thing. If I make a mess it’s my mess and only mine.

9. Peace of mind, not worrying or thinking about a small human being every minute.

10. Less responsibility and care free life.


11. Playing computer games all night.

12. Being thinner.

13. Ability to go to the gym.

14. Spontaneity.

15. Taking a crap and wiping my butt uninterrupted! lol

16. Having alone time.

17. Being able to get up and go whenever I want.

18. Not having to be on 24/7.

19. Taking my time with meals and thinking about myself.

20. My Sanity.

21. Carefree attitude.

22. Going out with my friends without feeling guilty.

23. Sex.

24. Not getting up at 6 am.

25. Not worrying so much about money.

26. Eating in peace.

27. Long showers and then ironing my hair.

28. My convertible car.

29. Coming home to a clean home.

30. Showering alone.

31. Having a conversation without constantly getting interrupted.

32. Going to the restroom alone.

33. Not having to sneak out to run a quick errand.

34. Being skinny.

35. Free time.

36. Laying on my bed in a towel for an hour or so.

37. Going to shower and restroom without anyone staring at me.

38. Laying down on the couch for as long as I want while I watch whatever I want.

39. Pooping in peace.

40. Not sharing my pillow with 2 little heads.

Head on to our Facbook Group, and let us know what you miss most about your pre-kid live. We would love to hear from you!

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We conducted a survey in our own Facebook Group "FUN THINGS TO DO WITH KIDS IN LA", and we used the answers to write this article. These answers are actual answers from real Moms.