10 Incredibly Fun Thanksgiving Games To Play With Your Family!

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

With Thanksgiving games that are big hits with the whole family, you're going to bring lots of fun and laughter to your thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey on the Table Kit

Turkey on the Table includes an adorable knit turkey, 13 double-sided, customizable feathers with marker, and a heartwarming book. Your purchase also provides 10 meals for people in need through partnership with Feeding America!

Turkey Feathers

Each player takes a turkey card and gets 6 clothes pins or Turkey Feathers. Each player takes turns rolling once dice. Then you simply put a feather on the number that you rolled. If you roll a number you already have a feather on, then your turn is over. First person to get all the feathers on their turkey wins.

Thanksgiving Bingo

If you’re looking for something to do while kids wait or if you’ve got a fun Thanksgiving party that you’re planning, this free printable Thanksgiving Bingo game is just the thing. There is 8 Bingo boards and drawing cards that you will need in order to play that will print in one document.

Roll a Turkey

Keep kids entertained at the Thanksgiving table with this quick and easy candy game. To play, simply create a card for each player and pour a bowl of plain chocolate candies. When the dice are rolled, add up the numbers and check the color code on the bottom of the sheet. Use the code to place the candies. The first person with a full turkey wins.

Autumn Tic Tac Toe Table

This is a very cute and simple game. Tape a grid on the table using washi tape. Then use a tape measure as a general guide so the squares would be even. Your kids will have a blast helping each step of the way! And the game pieces are pumpkins.

Family Photographer Game

This games is a great idea to get everyone involved, and a great way to keep your thanksgiving memories alive. Give kids digital cameras or cell phones. Tell them that they need to go around and take pictures with every single member of your family, and the person that takes the best pictures wins a prize.

Shape Turkey Craft Kit

Use a variety of common shapes to make unique little gobblers! Not only your kids would love making these little cute turkeys, they would practice some math shapes. The kit makes 12 Turkeys.

Thanksgiving Pictionary

Thanksgiving Pictionary is a fun and easy way to bring the whole family together. This game is fun and simple. Your friends and family will have a blast playing this fun and creative Thanksgiving game.

The Turkey Waddle

The Turkey Waddle is an embarrassing game that can be played by the whole family and will cause many fits of laughter. This game is perfect for a family activity. This is basically a race where you use balloons between your legs and try to get to the finish line first.

Face the Pie

Get messy with this game and have some fun. Participants race to find the candy letters in their whipped-cream-covered dishes and then use them to spell out "pie" all without their hands.