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5 Best Strategies for Raising a Highly Sensitive Child!

Raising a sensitive child can pose some parenting challenges. Emotionally, sensitive kids become overwhelmed easily. They cry often, worry about getting into trouble frequently, and they require a great deal of reassurance.

There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive. In fact, a sensitive child can be one of the kindest, most compassionate kids you'll ever meet. While strict discipline may help some kids turn their behavior around, harsh punishments are likely to cause more problems with sensitive kids.

Here are five parenting strategies to use for raising a highly sensitive child:

1. Emphasize on your child’s strengths and gifts instead of her shortcomings.

2. Set Limits. Although it might be tempting to bend the rules to avoid upsetting a sensitive child, constant exceptions to the rules won’t be helpful in the long run.

3. Teach Problem-Solving Skills. This can make a big difference in a sensitive child's daily life. Teach your child step-by-step instructions for tackling problems and she'll gain confidence in her ability to handle uncomfortable situations.

4. Provide Plenty of Downtime. Create a “peace corner” with quiet activities such as coloring, listening to soothing music, or books to read, and encourage your child to use it when she's feeling overwhelmed.

5. Use Logical Consequences. Just because a child cries or feels bad, doesn’t mean she should escape other consequences.

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