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See Why Everyone is Talking About These New Wee Kick Classes for Kids!

Designed for kids 3.5 to 6 year olds, the Wee Kick Classes help develop your kids' gross motor skills, balance and coordination while teaching them about respect, personal space, and setting boundaries.

Alonzo Martial Arts is excited to announce new weekday "Wee Kick Classes" for kids 3.5 to 6. These new classes are forming Tuesdays through Fridays at 3:30 pm at their brand new space inside TriFit Club and Studios consisting of 29k square foot at the Colorado Center in Santa Monica!

Wee Kick plants seeds of self-discipline and prepares Pre-K & Kindergarten kids for the physicality and structure of more mature martial arts training. It’s fun, empowering, and taught from a child development perspective. Benefits include confidence, self-esteem, better focus and self control. Physically, they’ll gain improved gross motor skills, coordination, balance, strength & flexibility.

Mindful meditation eases anxiety and helps promote kindness. Kids will also learn the important benefits of determination in reaching lofty goals. But kids can't have ALL the fun! parents are encouraged to join in too. Parents who sign up their kids for classes are invited to enjoy a discounted membership to use the gym while their kids are in the class!

For the past 23 years, Richard Alonzo, the owner and the instructor, has built his professional reputation as an ambassador to martial arts for kids and adults. His commitment to traditional training, quality self-defense, mindful self-awareness, and unlimited possibilities dates back to 1991. You can read the many reasons parents love his classes in his Five-Star Yelp Reviews. He has also been featured on VoyageLA as one of LA's Most Inspiring Stories.

The Wee Kick Classes are available for kids 6 and older too. Mr. Alonzo teaches other Martial Arts classes for kids, Teens, and adults.

For more information about his classes, please visit Alonzo Martial Arts' website. To reserve a spot for your child at the next Wee Kick Class, contact Richard D. Alonzo at (310) 895-5100, or email him at Your First Class is FREE. Alonzo Martial Arts is located at 2425 Colorado Ave. in the city of Santa Monica.


We have not been paid for this article. We have been provided with free classes, and we recommend Alonzo Martial Art classes to all parents based on our own observations. They have also received our "Certificate of Totally Awesome" because we really believe they are totally awesome.

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