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The Best Way to Find Fun Things To Do With Kids in Los Angeles!

Even though there are so many things to do in Los Angeles with your kids, sometimes finding them takes a lot of time, and since we know you are a busy parent, every week we write the most well-informed newsletter for parents about all the fun things that are happening in this beautiful city to do with your kids.

And that is why we invite you to sign up for our newsletters to be a part of all the fun. When you sign up, you will receive:

  • Emails on Thursdays about our weekend guide (what to do this weekend)

  • Periodic pop up emails for restaurant recommendations, travel tips, date nights, and more.

  • Periodic giveaways, deals, offers, and special announcements.

Think of our Newsletters as the Mom or the Dad who has all the good suggestions for what to do, and where to go with your kids.

Sign-up today and join thousands of other Moms and Dads who have already subscribed.

We respect your privacy and will never share your email information with any other entity or organization.

You can also check our event calendar every day of the week to find events and activities to do in and around Los Angeles!

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