ABCmouse Makes Learning So Much Easier For Your Kids!

Why do spiders make silk? Why are some stars blue? Why are rainbows curved and not straight? These are some of the questions your kids can learn on, among so many other things.

What is ABCmouse? ABCmouse is an award winning digital learning resource for children ages 2–8 (preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade). With more than 850 lessons, and more than 8000 learning activities, ABCmouse is the most comprehensive early learning activity program on earth. Your kids can read books, play games, paint pictures, listen to music, and watch videos while they learn.

Your kids can explore different places like the Zoo, a farm, or the rest of the ABCmouse World. The learning path guides your child from one activity to the next. It organizes all the activities into a simple step by step curriculum designed by teachers and learning experts to seamlessly align with what your child actually learns in school.

No matter what your child plays, it is a carefully designed experience. You see learning, your child sees fun! ABCmouse has hundred hours of learning content with new games, activities, and lessons updated constantly so your child will never run out of things to do. And you can access your account from any computer, smart phone, or tablet, anytime, anywhere in the world, and pick up where you left off.

With numerous awards, including Teacher's Choice Award, you can be confident you are giving your child the best absolute online experience available.

For longtime ABCmouse fans, ABCmouse has even something new for you! Earlier this year ABCmouse has been expanding their content with offline apps! Families who subscribe to’s Early Learning Academy now have access to hundreds of engaging ABCmouse learning activities for use offline by downloading new ABCmouse “Constellation” apps at no additional cost! All you need is your login! All are on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

7 apps are now available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, with more launching throughout the year:

  • Language Arts Animations—Important literacy and language skills come to life with this app that offers nearly 200 learning animations that teach phonics, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and more!

  • Mathematics Animations—Introduces essential math concepts through engaging characters and storytelling, offering more than 100 animations about addition and subtraction, measurement, geometry, problem solving, and more.

  • Science Animations—Builds children’s understanding of science and explains key concepts of physical science, life science, Earth and space science, health, and safety through more than 40 animations.

  • Zoo—Features animations of 15 beloved zoo animals, with hundreds of animal facts and interactive quizzes about animal characteristics, behaviors, habitats, and more.

  • Music Videos—Includes more than 50 animated music videos of classic songs and ABCmouse original children’s songs that teach the alphabet, numbers and operations, shapes, colors, geography, and more!

  • Mastering Math—An adaptive game that builds a strong understanding of fundamental math concepts, using appealing characters and personalized learning pathways to help children achieve mastery through practice. (Due to the adaptive functionality that provides tailored real-time math content for each child based on what they already know and how they are progressing, this app is only accessible while connected to the Internet.)

  • Mastering the Alphabet—Letters are presented to a child by balancing what he or she already knows and needs to learn with practice. The game further personalizes the learning experience by prioritizing the letters of the child’s name and by allowing children to decorate their letter blocks with custom art. With each demonstration of letter mastery, these letter blocks are brought to life with delightful animations that set the stage for reading success!


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