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10 Fun Items You Can Find on Amazon For $5 or Less That Your Kids Would love!

Since the kids are staying home most of the time and it is so hot outside, why not get them some indoor activities so they can enjoy while social distancing. Here we have found you ten cool games and toys that will occupy your kids for hours, and you can find them for $5 or less on Amazon.

Get the fun of a Monopoly game with cards. You'll use action cards to charge rent and make tricky deals, and when you collect 3 property card sets you'll win. This game is only $4.97 on Amazon.

Fashion Angels 1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

This 40-Page sticker book is a fabulous collection of 1000+ stickers for decorating notebooks, planners and more, which will keep your kid busy for hours, and it is only $4.99 on Amazon.

With this exciting mix of blue LEGO Classic bricks, kids will have endless fun building and rebuilding 3 cool models, then develop their free-building skills as they imagine their own creations.

Avando 20PCS Doll Accessories

With different style clothes and other accessories for barbie dolls, this set can help your children develop their own practical ability and thinking ability. With sticky buckle on the back, the the cloths are easy to take on and off, and are durable and washable.

This classic puzzle game allows children to return to tradition, play to learn, and learn to play, and stay away from electronic products; This game effectively improves your child's concentration, responsiveness, memory, logical thinking skills, and patience. It is also a great way for children to relieve stress. The game is only $4.99 on Amazon.

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Mini Game

This is a mini version of the Jenga game, which includes 18 Jenga mini hardwood blocks. In this game, the last player to stack a block without causing the tower to crash wins.

This is a classic mystery game with a twist. Kids can enjoy a different kind of clue gameplay with this fun, fast card game. In this classic game, players find out what's under the crime card -- who did it, with what, and where -- by asking other players questions.

This 4-inch-long wooden airplane is easy to assemble, and includes 4 pots of paint, paintbrush, and 47 stickers for decorating. This game is not only fun, it it also develops fine motor skills and encourages creativity in kids.

This toy is a classic fun with open-ended creative activity! Kids can squeeze 10 different shapes from this silly pressing machine, then squish, smoosh, roll, and mold their creations into anything they can imagine.

Fun Express Wooden Tricky Triangle Peg Game

Kids love playing this 4 1/2" tricky triangle game for hours. Everyone takes turns playing, competing to see who can remove the most pegs.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, meaning we will receive a small commission by Amazon after each purchase.

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