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Watts Towers & Art Center

Watts Towers & Art Center

The Watts Towers consist of seventeen major sculptures constructed of structural steel and covered with mortar, which are the work of one man - Simon Rodia. For 34 years, Rodia worked single-handedly to build his towers without benefit of machine equipment, scaffolding, bolts, rivets, welds or drawing board designs. Besides his own ingenuity, he used simple tools, pipe fitter pliers and a window-washer's belt and buckle.  Construction worker by day and artist by night, Rodia adorned his towers with a diverse mosaic of broken glass, sea shells, generic pottery and tile, a rare piece of 19th-century, hand painted Canton ware and many pieces of 20th-century American ceramics.



    Thursday 10 AM–4 PM
    Friday 10 AM–4 PM
    Saturday Closed

    (New Year's Eve)


    Holiday opening hours


    (New Year's Day)

    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday 10 AM–4 PM

    Tel: (213) 847-4646

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