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The Buckley School

The Buckley School

The Buckley School is a dynamic, nurturing learning community committed to equity and inclusion. Our innovative teachers and challenging programs inspire creativity, courage, and collaboration. By promoting a balanced development of mind, body, and character, we encourage each student to find joy and meaning in life and make an impact in the world.


Lower School - K-5

In the Lower School, we recognize the importance of the relationship between child and teacher. By making a priority of getting to know each student well, our teachers create classroom environments where every child is acknowledged and feels a sense of belonging. 


Middle School

Middle School is a pivotal time of intellectual and social-emotional growth for young people. Our experienced faculty members are chosen specifically for their skill, experience, and love of working with this age group. Over three years, they provide students with the organizational skills and confidence to transition from the self-contained environment of Lower School to the more self-directed culture of Upper School. Throughout this critical time of personal development, Buckley students experience gradual increases in personal responsibility and are encouraged to try new things and challenge themselves as learners, performers, and teammates.


Upper School - 9-12

As stated in our mission, The Buckley School is a dynamic, nurturing learning community. Seamlessly, the Buckley faculty have developed programming that balances the incorporation of proven methods from traditional education with more progressive, modern approaches. Students are encouraged to find and follow their passions while also receiving a well-rounded liberal arts education through our Four-Fold Plan.