Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

Just miles away from the bustle of modern life,  Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard lies happily situated in Oak Glen, California. The road gently loops around the foothills of Wilshire Mountain to reveal the charming historic farm with its cultivated groves and heirloom apple trees. What began as a seed idea has quickly grown into a flourishing family farm that continues to evolve into a modest ferme ornée, a style of ornamental farming that incorporates the beauty of a leisure garden with the agricultural operations of a working farm. The lifework is rooted firmly in reconnecting to agrarian living and preserving a heritage community by way of food, traditions and education.



Stone Soup Farm is home to a 130 year old Winesap apple orchard that provides a unique u-picking experience to our welcome guests. Recently, we incorporated 3 additional acres of heirloom orchards with a variety of apples.


Cider Pressing

Using a vintage press, friends and family select from a variety of heritage apples and begin to grind the pulp down until it renders a nearly perfect juice. All u-pressing is by sign up and a first-come, first-serve basis.


Family Games 

Test your frontier skills at the tomahawk and archery range. A favorite with families with unlimited fun.   


Rascal Ranch 

Interactive children's garden and activity center where young guests may explore nature and discover their inner farmer. 


The Box Social 

Seasonal savory dishes, delicious confections, and tasty refreshments are available every weekend, September through November. Make sure to stop by for a taste of local heritage. 


Kids Crafts

Starting the months of September through November, they will be opening kid's craft station on the weekends. A favorite with families looking to celebrate the Autumn together with farm fun activities.  


Gemstone & Mineral Panning

While visiting the farm, make sure to stop by the sluice boxes and try your hand at gemstone panning. Great fun for all who try and there's lots to be found!



Their Farmshops offer a variety of small batch farm collections, lovingly curated with a distinct selection of locally grown produce, fine foods, home wellness, and natural body care.