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Sepulveda Basin

Sepulveda Basin

Sepulveda Basin is a great spot for fishing! Located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, it's a popular spot for both experienced anglers and those just starting out. The basin is home to a variety of fish, including catfish, bass, carp, and bluegill. You can fish from the shore or rent a boat and head out onto the water. If you're new to fishing, you can even take a class at the on-site fishing education center to learn the basics.


One of the best things about fishing at Sepulveda Basin is the beautiful scenery. The basin is surrounded by lush greenery and there's plenty of wildlife to spot while you're waiting for a bite. Plus, there's always a chance you'll catch a trophy-sized fish to show off to your friends and family. Another great thing about fishing at Sepulveda Basin is the community. You'll find anglers of all ages and skill levels out on the water, and everyone is happy to share tips and advice. Plus, there's always a friendly park ranger around to answer any questions you might have.


So, whether you're an experienced angler or just looking for a fun day out, Sepulveda Basin is the perfect spot for a fishing adventure!  A fishing license from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is required.