Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios

Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios offers a range of dance classes for both children and adults. Enjoy an invigorating workout or enroll your child in a variety of dance classes to challenge and entertain them. Shida Pegahi, an arts educator and dance choreographer, founded Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios in 2001. She studied ballet at the Royal Ballet School in London and performed ballet, jazz, and ethnic dance with several touring companies in the United States. Dance classes, lectures, film and theatre programs take place in studio spaces.


Adult Dance Classes

We offer dance classes for adults as well with some of Los Angeles' best dance instructors. We schedule dance and exercise classes on weekday mornings and evenings, as well as Saturday classes. After dropping off your kids at school, join our Dance Party Workout, Persian Belly Dance, or Cardio Salsa classes for a fun workout. Sweat off unwanted pounds while learning new dance steps and enjoying yourself. Some of the styles we specialize in include: 


• Ballet
• Belly Dance
• Zumba™

• Jazz
• Hip - Hop
• Persian Dance

  • 10469 Santa Monica Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90025