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Ostrichland USA

Ostrichland USA

Considered a Central Coast landmark, OstrichLand USA, near Solvang, California is a popular destination for families. Watch, feed, and get to know amazing ostriches and emus. The highlight of a visit is feeding the ostriches and emus. You can get close and personal with these big birds and be safe at the same time.


The best time for viewing ostrich chicks is during the summer months. They grow quickly and will be juveniles by the time winter arrives. Emu chicks typically hatch in late-winter and early-spring.



Fresh, edible, and delicious Ostrich eggs, and Enmu eggs  are also available for Sale. The eggs will come with instructions to crack and save shells for decorative purposes. When using this approach you will be left with a bowl of a creamy egg ready to scramble or bake in a quiche. So get ready for a delicious egg and a fun and unique experience.