• Omix Therapies

    From the moment we are born, we struggle to communicate our needs and understand the needs of others. In our Parent & Me Classes, we utilize the expertise of our Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and a Behavioral Specialist to create a unique and educational environment for your child to thrive, and for you to communicate with your kid. We  give your kid a voice to communicate instead of crying!


    Utilizing baby sign language, we give every child and their caregiver all the tools they need for a better, healthier, and smoother communication. In addition, we incorporate messy art and sensory play to help fine/gross motor development, enhances neural pathway connections, cognitive growth, and much more.


      8501 Wilshire Blvd. #336

      Beverly Hills, CA 90211


      Bitty Babies (2 – 7 Months)


      A supportive inclusive circle providing a nurturing light in the months of newborn fog. Learn to actively promote your baby’s ability to roll, sit, crawl, feed, sleep and live large when they are tiny new people on the planet. Learn to read your baby’s signals as well as stay in touch with your own needs for optimal health.  Get support for YOU from the start through strategies for mindful parenting and self-care including balancing parental assumptions with the reality of life post baby and learn to leave baggage unchecked behind you on your journey.

      • Meets once a week for eight weeks
      • 60 minutes classes
      • $250.00

      Bigger Babies  (8 – 15 Months)

      Join us on the pacifist’s path away from the Mommy wars by circumventing unnecessary pressures to channeling anxiety into positive productive mindful parenting. Topics include: language development including bilingual and sign language skills; optimizing play and learning, promoting motor developmental while juggling the essentials of feeding, sleeping, kids, going out and all that stuff.

      • Meets once a week for eight weeks
      • 75 minutes classes
      • Snack provided 
      • $300.00

      Talky Toddlers (16 – 24 Months)

      Promote communication and brain development through art, dance and music to accelerate language, speech and emotional development in the company of speech and language pathologists. Explore sensory supports to build self-regulation skills as well as fine and gross motor abilities, and establish a firm foundation of “pre-reading” skills.

      • Meets once a week for ten weeks
      • 75 minutes classes
      • Snack provided 
      • $350.00

      Baby To Kid (24 – 36 Months)

      Foster curiosity, imagination and exploration through sensory free play, messy art, music, movement, and pretend play as children sharpen their communicate skills and strengthen all of their senses necessary for development based on proven research. Get ready for pre-school through a structured opening and closing circle time, instructor lead activities including phonics and sign language and a healthy vegan snack.

      • Meets once a week for ten weeks
      • 75 minutes classes
      • Snack provided 
      • $350.00
    • RATES

      $250-$350 for ten weeks




      Odelia worked with my 2 year old for speech therapy, within a few sessions we notice a HUGE difference in our daughter vocabulary. Odelia is very professional, warn and very good with children in general, my daughter couldn't wait for her next session! The staff is amazing as well, very welcoming. I'm so grateful to Odelia for teaching my daughter how to speak and express herself. ---Amir B.

      We had an amazing experience with both OT and Speech. Parking can be hectic as it is in Beverly Hills and all and so close to the Cedars pediatricians, but the results are worth it. My son ate nothing but chicken nuggets (dinosaur of course) and Goldfish with a smattering of yogurt here and there - that was it! Now after working with Kristine he is no longer afraid of new food, will sit at the table and last week he ate the broccoli in his lunch!  Afternoon appointments can be hard to come by, but the wait was worth it.---Rachel D.



      Tel: (310) 659-9511