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Culver City Plunge

Culver City Plunge

The Plunge is a public swimming pool located in the city of Culver City, California. It is a popular destination for residents of the area, offering a range of aquatic activities for people of all ages.


The Plunge features a large, Olympic-sized pool that is heated to a comfortable temperature year-round. It also has a shallow pool for children and a number of slides and diving boards for more adventurous swimmers. There are also changing rooms, restrooms, and showers available at the pool.


In addition to open swim times, The Plunge also offers a variety of aquatic programs and classes, including swim lessons, water aerobics, and lifeguard training. The pool is also available for rentals, including birthday parties and other special events.


The Plunge is a fun and welcoming destination for people looking to enjoy the water in the Culver City area.