Chadwick School

At Chadwick School, we’re like family. We care deeply about your child’s growth, happiness and success. For more than 80 years, parents have trusted us to help their children develop academic excellence, exemplary character and a lifelong passion for learning. They know that each day their sons and daughters are here on campus, the values they honor at home are strengthened.


Chadwick students are given every opportunity to grow both inside and outside the classroom so they’re prepared to navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Our community and culture are designed to support both academic success and strength of character. It's about each child growing as a person, contributing his or her unique talents and learning to thrive in a complex and exciting world.



    As a Chadwick Village School student, your child will spark a lifelong love of learning, build a supportive community and be challenged to grow both intellectually and personally.



    Middle School is a time of transition when students begin to discover themselves and their potential to take on the world. Our staff and programs leverage their enthusiasm at every turn, introducing students to exciting new ideas, experiences and perspectives.



    Chadwick’s Upper School is fertile ground for cultivating the skills, confidence and character to become a powerful changemaker in your own life — and out in the world. 

    Mastering a rigorous curriculum and rich co-curricular experiences prepares you for an amazing future full of limitless possibilities. At Chadwick, you’ll go beyond academic learning to discover who you are, what you want most and how your gifts can enrich your communities.


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    Tel: 310-377-1543


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