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Imagine the magical, retro summer camp of your dreams: CAMP has built that! Only better and with no bugs!


CAMP is where kids and grown-ups get to play at summer camp, all year long. You can climb up bunk beds, zoom down slides, explore areas full of toys and ways to play, dance in a disco cabin, go full Jackson Pollock in the splatter art room, and much more!


Just like the canteen you remember from summer camp, CAMP’s Canteen is the spot to shop for toys, books, gifts, and accessories for the whole family! Kids can explore the Canteen for hidden surprises, like the signature Magic Door!

CAMP’s Magic Door is your family’s personal gateway to fun, creativity, and adventure. Your kids would love to find out what is behind the Magic Door. CAMP is constantly changing what’s behind the Magic Door to keep the experience fresh and new for you with fun activities, cool events, and awesome hand-picked products.


CAMP also offers various classes and workshops throughout the month. 


Birthday Parties

All celebration packages start at 90 minutes and include private access to our Party Room. Each party includes a dedicated Party Counselor to facilitate games, activities, a dance party, and singing “Happy Birthday”, of course!