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Brentwood School West Campus

Brentwood School West Campus

Brentwood School provides its students with powerful intellectual challenges; however this is just one aspect of the Brentwood experience. Our students excel in the classroom. They also achieve in arts and athletics and learn how a diversity-themed "Crayon Club" lunch can be a chance to invite the whole community into your culture.


Our Lower School is rich with developmentally appropriate challenges, while building a foundation for future learning. As students move to the Middle and Upper Schools, they explore yoga meditation, improv, and coding, join the entrepreneurs club or Benefacta, our service learning honor society. They complete internships with ABC News and USC or UCLA Research Labs, and build leadership skills organizing a Young Women's Conference that draws participants from over 100 schools in Southern California.


What's more, they have the chance to both try these many endeavors and to pursue them in real depth. At Brentwood School, young people find engaging academics and a world of other options, all with the goal of shaping a future with meaning.


    West Campus K-5

    East Campus 6-12



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    West Campus (K-5) East Campus (6-12)

    (310) 471-1041
    (310) 889-2859 (Extended Day, 4:30-6:30 p.m.)
    (310) 440-1989 (FAX)

    (310) 476-9633
    (310) 476-5844 (Middle School FAX)
    (310) 476-4087 (Upper School FAX) (Lower School) (Admissions) (Middle School) (Upper School) (Admissions)