Roundhouse Aquarium

Roundhouse Aquarium

The roundhouse is a small round aqaruim at the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier. The Roundhouse Aquarium promote the study of the oceans, tidelands and beaches of Southern California through a wide slate of science-based and standards-aligned education programs with its immersive and engaging exhibits of a diverse array of marine life.  


More than 100 marine animals from Southern California’s waters live at the aquarium, many are native to its local waters in the Santa Monica Bay. Notable wildlife include moon jellies, sharks, octopus, sheephead, moray eels, lobsters, and more – as well as a touch tank with sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sea snails. There’s also a kid’s area with books and puzzles.



The Roundhouse Aquarium Teaching Center offers a wide variety of onsite learning programs catering to all grade levels. The programs are flexible and customizable so if there is a particular habitat, animal or topic that you are interested in, they will be able to accommodate your request. Onsite classes run Monday-Friday between 9am and 12pm .



The Aquarium offers Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Camps onsite. Campers start every day with an exciting walk down the pier to the Roundhouse Aquarium where they get to interact with the local marine wildlife that would normally be hiding below the ocean deep. They have adventures on the pier, in the aquarium and on the beach as we learn, experiment and enjoy the outdoors.  Every day is waves of fun, whether we’re digging for sand crabs, finding buried treasure, launching rockets, or playing in the waves. There’s never a dull moment! Don’t miss out on this unique summer experience. Click here to Register.


Birthday Parties:

Pick from a shark, dolphin, or squid themed party and they’ll do the rest! Kids will have fun and engaging conversations with one of the aquarium educators while learning about favorite ocean animals and what they can all do to protect their natural environment. Your child and his friends will get to interact with tide pool animals such as the sea cucumber and sea urchin!


Roundhouse Aquarium birthday parties include:

  • 1-hour private educational program in the upstairs of the aquarium including hands-on interactions with some of our animals
    • Shark or dolphin theme for ages 4-7 (craft included)
    • Squid dissection for ages 8-12
  • Up to 2 tables and 20 chairs for 1 hour following the birthday party program. Refreshments will be provided by the party host and are not included in this package.
  • Themed party favor bags for each child


Virtual Classes

The Roundhouse Aquarium can bring ocean knowledge and the aquarium experience to you with their LIVE Virtual Classes. They offer interactive k-12 programs where students are able to learn directly from educators, engage with the topic and ask questions. You can choose from many different topics or reach out to inquire about a customized class. 

For more information, email Dawn@roundhouseaquarium.org. Click here for more info.