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Ribét Academy

Ribét Academy

Ribét Academy is a top rated, private school located in Los Angeles, CA.  The Mission of Ribét Academy is to work in partnership with parents, students, and the community to provide a rigorous educational college preparatory program in a caring and nurturing environment that promotes life-long learning and prepares students for academic and technical expectations of higher education and the real world.


The school has 385 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1. Tuition is $15,400 for the highest grade offered. After graduation, 95% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.


    Lower School

    While Ribét meets and exceeds the California State standards, we also place particular emphasis on writing and critical thinking. Ribét has implemented numerous programs to ensure its students become effective writers. We use Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide to focus on critical thinking rather than simple memorization and regurgitation of facts. We want Ribét students to think and reason clearly.


    At Ribét, we utilize state of the art teaching techniques. The day-to-day teaching consists of differentiated instruction that caters to multiple learning modalities. We use a lot of manipulatives to help the students grasp difficult concepts. Instruction and homework at Ribét are not one size fits all. They are specifically tailored to the abilities and needs of each student. We recognize that within a single classroom, students are at different levels of proficiency in each subject. As a result, it is not uncommon to see students in the same class working at different levels of proficiency in each subject. One second grader might be working in the 3rd grade math book while another student might be studying the 2nd grade math book. Students who have difficulty in any subject will be given specialized help and direction for success.


    Middle School

    Ribet Academy Middle School consists of 6th - 8th grade.  Click here to take a look at all individual department for in-dept information.


    High School

    Ribet Academy High School consists of 9th-12th Grade.  Click here to take a look at all individual department for in-dept information.

    Click here for admission process, deadlines, and fees.



    Ribét Academy focuses on academics and preparing their students for success in the best colleges. Curriculum can be customized for students that are advanced in various subjects. The administration has extensive experience on presenting their college candidates to the most competitive colleges. My family likes that it is a small school