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Get Your Event in Front of 100,000+ Local Families!

Target parents right where they are making plans!

Reach More Families & Sell More Tickets!



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Turn more browsers into attendees when

you list your event


Engage the people most likely to attend your event when they're most likely to buy


Increase ticket sales for your event

in just a few clicks


Submit Your Event in Minutes!

Submit your event listing and we will create a beautiful event listing page with a link to your ticketing page or a built-in payment processing

Start selling tickets to families that are looking for events just like yours on our events calendar

Engage the people most likely
to attend your event

Catch families when they're searching for things to do with their kids right on our website, on Google thanks to our SEO scores

We target a coveted audience of parents, who are social, savvy, and make all the buying decisions

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list your event today!


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  • How many businesses will be on your "Best of Los Agneles" blog?"
    Anywhere between 10 to 20 and for special campaigns, we will list up to 100 listings.
  • Why should I be listed in different categories?
    We recommend listing your business in different categories to optimize your leads and increase your chances of converting potential customers. Our Awesome Package allows you to list your business in several different categories, making it easy for parents to find you in the right categories.
  • Where does my listing appear on your website?
    Your business listing will be displayed in the appropriate category on our directory, based on the type of services you offer. With a paid plan, your listing will also be included in one of our guides, which are organized on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you opt for our Awesome or Ultimate Package, your listing will be prominently featured at the top of the guide, increasing your visibility and potential reach to our audience of parents seeking family-friendly activities and services.
  • We have more than one location.  Would you list all of our locations on your blog and your directory?
    Yes. All your locaitons we be listed on the blog and the directory under one listing.
  • What is blogger outreach?
    Blogger outreach, also known as blogger relations, is quite simply businesses working with bloggers to create genuine, authentic content to promote a product, brand or service. By reaching out to bloggers already talking to your community, your business benefits from their trust and influence.
  • What are the benefits of blogger outreach?
    By getting your business featured on an influential blog that has readers in your target market, you are essentially getting thousands of eyeballs on your business. You will get high quality links from our website. (Google loves high quality links that are relevant). High quality content has become the backbone of good SEO so investing in a blogger outreach campaign is ideal because of the high quality content. The more an influential blogger talks about your brand, the more people will visit your site. Research has shown that 81% of the online population trusts information and advice they get from bloggers and that 61% have made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation.
  • How long the blog will stay on your website?
    Our "Best of LA" Blogs will always remain on our website even after the campaign is over. In fact, all our blogs are highly search engine optimized, so over time, the blogs will reach more and more people on google search. Blogs are more like a long term investment and they will reach more audience over time. We even optimize our blogs with voice recognitions such as siri, alexia, and google home.
  • How long will I remain on your directory?
    Direcotry listings are good for period of one year from the date you start your listing. You will be notified a few months before your directory listing will expire for renewal.
  • How many people do you reach on your website?
    Our reach is approximately 750,000, with 50,000 unique visitors monthly.
  • How many followers do you have on social media?
    We have more than 32,000 followers on facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Who is your audience?
    90% Women, 89% between ages 25-45, 70% have more than 2 kids, and 88% live in LA County.
  • What is your CTR (Click through Rate)?
    We have a high CTR - anywhere between 3% - 9% which is really high. (According to benchmarks, anything higher than 1% percent is considered a high CTR).
  • We would like to include a link to track our leads from your directory listing. Can we set up a link from your directory with google analytics parameters for tracking?
    Yes, we can definitely set up a google analytics parameters for tracking. You can either send us the URL or we can create one for you and analyze the performance of your listing at the end of the one year period.
  • How do you choose the businesses to be listed on your blog and directory?
    We are very picky about choosing the best for our blogs and directory. We look at the ratings and the reviews on Yelp, research the business online, and review their website, and if they are suited for our readers, we approach them to be a part of our campaing. We reserve the right to refuse any business or entity if we decide they are not suited for our readers.
  • Why do I have to pay to be listed on your blog?
    The fee you pay is for being listed on our directory, which is for a period of one year. But beacause we love to create a buzz, we also blog about all the businesses who join our directory. The blog, the newsletter, and the social media campaign are basically extra bonuses to your directory listing and part of the existing promotions that we are offering you.
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