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Wondertree Kids

Wondertree Kids

Wondertree Kids’ enrichment programs and approach to interactive play helps you take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity and need for exploration to propel their development of important educational and life skills. The Messy Art Class is a special place for children to create art while at play. The Messy Art curriculum is inspired and guided by research in child development, so that the activities for the children entertain and enrich their brains, bodies, and hearts. 


Note:  Wondertree Kids is scheduled to reopen on March 31, 2021.


    Our daughter has been coming here since she was a few months old to attend the signing/music class. The class has been great for her development and the instructors are super friendly and patient especially Sarah. Highly recommended. . ---Brian P.

    Fun place for babies and toddlers for music class - and later art. My son has been around 6 months and he's 16 month now and loves it every time. I also had one of the music teachers do a mini class at my son's birthday party and all the kids were jammin out. ---Liz T.


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