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The Friendship Factor

The Friendship Factor

The FRiENDSHiP FACTOR Create & Connect Camp focuses on building social and emotional skills for neurodivergent and neurotypical kids. We provide an immersive combination of inclusive recreational activities, enrichment, and instructional workshops to engage and delight kids, such as arts and crafts, STEM, sports, sensory movement, storytelling, self-care, mindfulness and more!⁣ ⁣


What makes us Different? Our framework was created to support and help participants strengthen their social and emotional skills and understand others that may engage and relate in different ways.


Our 4 Pillars:


Play it Forward - focuses on the act of play as a vehicle to enable individual and communal interactions, and have the moments of flexibility, conflict, triumph, and respect that foster self-esteem and social awareness.


Join & Learn - creates shared experiences such as collaborative exercises, arts and crafts, etc. so kids can understand expected behaviors, work through inner issues, and witness new perspectives.


Snack & Chat - not only provides an opportunity to bond and interact, but it also exposes and encourages openness to new foods, and awareness around preferences and sharing. 


Relax & Reset - emphasizes practice strategies for self-regulation and grounding techniques centered around the five senses, to help better control behaviors and emotions when overwhelmed to give children the tools to pause, reflect, and reset.


Through these shared experiences children gain a sense of belonging, connection, and serves as a pathway to developing life-long friendships.