The Academy's Conservatory for Young Actors

The Academy's Conservatory for Young Actors

The Academy's Conservatory for Young Actors is a four-week summer intensive for students ages 12-16. The program is taught by the same professional and encouraging instructors who oversee The Academy's prestigious two-year Full-Time Conservatory Program. ACYA's mission is to provide a solid foundation for young actors who desire to strengthen their skills and develop new techniques to excel at the craft of acting. Each year's program concludes with The Academy's Rising Stars presentation for faculty, family and friends.


    1336 N. La Brea Ave.

    Los Angeles, CA 90028


    Full Time Program:

    The Full-time Program provides the students with a complete education. Students will study world history, civilizations and culture, emphasizing periods of style, dialect and etiquette. In addition, there is a detailed examination of story theory, script and character analysis. And most importantly, a practical study of foundational acting techniques is explored including Strasberg, Meisner, and Hagen. Students will also be led on a quest inward to emotional discovery and the breaking down of internal barriers. It is a highly individualized process, one that leads to a lasting vulnerability and openness that is a true strength. Students are taught how to find, control and deeply understand emotions.


    Summer Programs:

    Whether you choose the Traditional Program or the advanced Encore Program, you will become a part of a dynamic, supportive community of fellow actors learning together, inspired by some of the most respected instructors in the industry. You are destined to gain skills and friendships you will value for a lifetime.


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