California Academy of Science

California Academy of Science

Steinhart Aquarium

Based in beautiful Golden Gate Park, the Steinhart Aquarium is the only place on Earth that houses an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and natural history museum all under one roof.  With more than nearly 40,000 animals representing 900 species, there is so much to see and touch at this aquarium. A four-story living rainforest and awe-inspiring coral reef ecosystem showcase Earth’s biodiversity.  The immersive planetarium shows offer a new perspective on the planet. Other must see at the aquarium are the Living Roof, African Penguins, The Swamp, and Morrison Planetarium. 


The Kimball Natural History Museum

The past, present, and future of life on Earth come alive through hands-on exhibits, fascinating specimens, and a peek into the latest research conducted by the Academy's working scientists.


The Kimball Natural History Museum draws on over 160 years of Academy research to highlight the uniqueness of our planet in surprising ways. Learn about the fascinating role of color in the natural world, compare fossils of our early human relatives, and marvel at one-of-a-kind specimens from the Academy's record-breaking scientific collections—all while strolling beneath the bones of some of the planet's largest inhabitants.


Osher Rainforest

Step inside a lush, four-story rainforest that's teeming with life—from free-flying birds to exotic reptiles, amphibians, golden silk orb-weaver spiders, and enormous Amazonian fish that glide overhead. Inside the dome, a magnificent neotropical rainforest stretches 90 feet above. Delight in the exploits of 1,600+ live plants and animals, including taxicab-like sun beetles, leafcutter ants hard at work, and a slithering Amazonian tree boa.


Morrison Planetarium

Morrison Planetarium shows are fueled by cutting-edge scientific data, resulting in stunning visualizations of the latest findings, discoveries, and theories about our Universe. Every star or galaxy a viewer encounters in the planetarium precisely mirrors a real-world counterpart, and when this virtual cosmos is projected onto Morrison's 75-foot-diameter screen, the dome itself seems to disappear, resulting in a uniquely immersive experience.


Live Webcams

Click here for animal webcams.



The Academy is now open. Reunite with nearly 40,000 animal favorites, explore two new exhibits, and stoke your curiosity safely with plenty of room to roam. Visit the reopening page to reserve tickets and view important health and safety information.  The planetarium will remain temporarily closed until further notice.