Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Rides & Entertainment


There are plenty of family rides at Six Flags. From the highest heights to the gentlest adventures, they've got plenty of rides you can enjoy together. They have tons of great fun for little ones to enjoy on their own and with parents. These rides spin, fly and promise to take kids on magical journeys that are perfect for their height and age.  In addition to the most thrilling rides, you'll find a wide variety of top-shelf entertainment right at the park.


The Marine World Experience & Animal Encounters


At the heart of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is its diverse animal program, where you can enjoy strolling through the LAND area of the park to see beautiful cats, such as African lions, and cougars relaxing in their tranquil outdoor habitats. In SEA, various marine mammals, such as bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, Pacific harbor seals and aquatic bird species-- endangered African penguins, can be found. Walk through the serene Butterfly Habitat or gaze at the often misunderstood sharks in the Shark Experience.  You can also engage with animals directly, there are ample opportunities to meet, see, touch and feed a variety of animal species.


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    All of Memberships, Season Passes, and Tickets are available online. Tickets must be purchased in advance of your visit. Reservations are required.


    Park Hours vary based on the Season.  Click here for the calendar.


    Tel: (707) 644-4000.