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Mystery Mike's Spy Kidz Academy

Mystery Mike's Spy Kidz Academy


Welcome to MYSTERY MIKE'S SPY KIDZ ACADEMY & WACKY SCIENCE where your children will learn everything there is to know about becoming an Official Spy Kid and engage in FUN SCIENCE experiments with Mystery Mike LIVE ON ZOOM!


Mystery Mike has trained almost 1 MILLION children how to be Spy Kidz over the past 2 decades and is now, for the first time, offering his customized Spy Kidz classes on-line available to any child anywhere in the Country!


Your children will learn about the History of SPIES, fingerprints, secret codes while playing many Spy Games and solve some Mini-Mysteries as they embark on different adventures each week to prepare for their final Mission at the end of their training; a HUGE on-line HUNT for clues with Mystery Mike to help solve their final Mystery!


At the end of each Level of Spy Training your children will receive an official Spy Kidz Certification along with Spy Photos and the opportunity to join other Spy Kidz all around the Country on monthly Missions outside of classes. Throughout the Spy Kidz training, children will use and improve their reading, writing, language, spelling and math skills as they engage in fun Spy Games and Mystery Solving with the #1 Spy Kidz trainer in the USA!


Class Sizes

Class sizes are limited to 20 and will fill up quickly so please be sure to reserve soon.



Classes are now open for enrollment!

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS LEVEL 1 SPY KIDZ at 11 am (Pacific Time) for 1 hour.




Mystery Mike offers a wide arrange of online Birthday parties including SPY KIDZ, WACKY SCIENCE and PIRATE TRAINING where the children learn about mapmaking and animals in the ocean as well.


    Anywhere you have internet connection.


    CLASSES: $75 for 4 weekly classes a month


    "Mystery Mike has been leading Parker-Anderson's science and Spy Kids programs for several years. He has transformed our enrichment classes to an experience. Families love taking Mystery Mike's classes because he brings excitement, curiosity, silliness, and makes learning fun. Each class runs differently and that is because he adapts his class to the group of kids in the class. No surprise that we have received several emails from families saying how much their kids love Mystery Mike. We are grateful for all that he does and brings to our programs. Mystery Mike is a legend in science and spy kids lessons." ---Naomi


    "Absolutely first rate. Mystery Mike was organized, flexible, worked with me ahead of time to plan a great party for my son, was energized and enthusiastic, and everyone had a great time. Other parents were impressed. He thought of all the little touches that showed that he was going above and beyond and not simply punching a time card. We may well do future parties with him too. Rates are very reasonable and I really wouldn't hesitate." --Bob S.


    "Mystery Mike is able to create whatever it is you are looking for. He is funny and creative. And you will not be disappointed. He is worth every penny he charges!!! If you're looking for a child's party entertainer he is your man! Trust me!!! All the parents keep coming up to me and saying "where did you find this guy, he is AMAZING!" And that is the truth, he is amazing. I had the biggest smile on my face from the moment he gathered the kids and started doing his thing. I was super impressed with how he captivated everyone's attention. Even the parents got pulled into his show and were laughing hard. Everyone really had a great time and it was mostly because of Mike and that especially made me happy."-- Heather A.


    Tel: 323-654-6453