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LA Surf and Swim

LA Surf and Swim

We are true water lovers and mentors to our students. From baby swimmers to bucket list wave riding, we believe in helping to create a lifelong love for the water.


We believe in abundant positive verbal reinforcements and gentle persistence. We emphasize fun, safe, and efficient techniques in a creative and nurturing environment.


    Santa Monica & Venice


    Pool Lessons

    • One-on-One  (20 minute class)

    • Tot-n-Me  (30 minute class)

    Beach Lessons

    • Ocean Safety and Surfing Lessons

    Adults Lessons

    • Adult Stroke Class

    Splash Ball

    • Water Polo 45-minute class

    Our Water Polo program is an enjoyable, secure way to introduce children to the game by including swimming skills, safety, cooperation and the fundamentals of the game.

    Swim Team

    • 45-minute class

    At LA Surf and Swim, we believe that a little healthy competition will help build character. Children who reach the swim level status of Coral are given the fantastic opportunity to join our swim team.



    Click here for information about fees.


    We have been with LA Surf and Swim for over a year and couldn't be happier. our kids have blossomed with their swim method. We feel safe with our kids in the pool without floaties and they absolutely love being in the water. My two-year-old can hold his breath while swimming underwater and my five-year-old is learning how to do butterfly, freestyle, and breast strokes. The team is really nice and accommodating - it feels like a real family!---Eli L.


    Tel: (310) 954-7909