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Brawerman West Elementary School

Brawerman West Elementary School

Brawerman provides a rich, sequential academic program (K-6th grade) that builds on knowledge, skills, and the experiences of successive grade levels while introducing developmentally appropriate strategies, concepts, and approaches.

Throughout the school, individuals are challenged intellectually, creatively, and physically while simultaneously, guided in the development of strong personal character and concern for others.


Brawerman students are encouraged to be curious and inquisitive, expand their analytical and critical thinking, always strive for academic excellence, and believe in themselves. We believe competence and confidence are related, and through planned lessons and experimentation, students acquire both. Brawerman’s academic program lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and self-reliance.


    Kindergarten through 6th Grade

    Tuition for the current school year is $31,150. Additionally, there is a one time new student fee, and annual fees for Safety and Security and Parent Association. Financial aid is available.





    New Student Fee (one time)




    Safety and Security Fee




    Parent Association Fee




    Total Tuition and Fees


    $ 33,575





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    Phone: (424) 208-8934

    Fax: (310) 689-4569



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