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10th Street Preschool

10th Street Preschool

10th Street Preschool is founded by childhood development expert, Cindy Wasson, who has over 40+ years of experience. Nestled in a residential enclave in Santa Monica, 10th Street Preschool has been one of Southern California’s leading preschools for over twenty nine years.

Formerly owned by Hal Ashby and his family, our campus, just a few miles from the ocean, includes historic craftsman bungalows, lush flowers, and expansive, vibrant murals by Peter and Nancy Turner-Alvet.


10th Street cultivates and grows kind, empathic, intellectually curious, intrinsically motivated serious learners who are willing to take learning risks in order to deepen their understanding and who believe in the beauty of doing ones personal best.


We begin each year by building a solid foundation of caring grownups (parents and teachers) who share a generosity of spirit and kinship; who embrace joining together to learn, know and grow oneself and one another and who are committed to bringing and applying that knowledge to the world outside the Red Door.


    Toddler-Parent School -  11 Months – 2.5 Years

    Facilitated by Cindy Wasson and one of our toddler teachers, ‘Toddler-Parent’ consists of music and movement, storytime, sand and water play, puzzles, block building, imaginative play and snack. The program gives parents an opportunity to speak with Cindy about parenting and toddler issues one-on-one and in a group setting.


    Little School -  2 year olds without a parent and 1.5+ with an adult

    Little School helps children and their parents practice saying good-bye. Children discover their independence and autonomy as they play together in our self-contained classroom and in two outside yards. Activities include sand and water play, art projects, snack, stories, music and dramatic play.

    When ready, the Little Schoolers and Preschoolers will visit and play next to and with one another. This is the beginning of mixed-age play which is the cornerstone of 10th Street. Preschoolers naturally embrace Little Schoolers and tuck them under their wings as they prepare to fly. Children who attend Little School are really read